TF1 announces season 2 of La Promesse and a sequel for Le Saut du diable with Philippe Bas on TV

On the occasion of the presentation of its fiction line-up for the 2021-2022 season, TF1 announced the order for a season 2 of “La Promesse”, a new opus of “Saut du diable”, and final episodes of “Alice Nevers” and “Research Section”.

Tf1 announces season 2 of la promesse and a sequel for le saut du diable with philippe bas on tv

Back to school requires, yesterday TF1 unveiled its line-up for the 2021-2022 season on the occasion of a back-to-school conference which in particular gave pride of place to new fictions and unitary events to come on the channel. Here is a quick overview of what awaits you on the air in the coming months.

A French Affair finally broadcast on TF1

As for series and mini-series, viewers of TF1 will finally very soon discover Une Affaire française, which looks back on the case of little Grégory with a four-star cast made up of Guillaume de Tonquédec, Blandine Bellavoir, Guillaume Gouix, or Gérard Jugnot, and will be presented in preview at the La Rochelle Festival in mid-September.

Then come, among others, Mon ange, with Muriel Robin, Rébecca, French remake of Marcella carried by Anne Marivin, Fugueuse, with Michaël Youn, Sylvie Testud, and the revelation Romane Jolly, Syndrome E, adaptation of the novels of Franck Thilliez with Vincent Elbaz en Sharko, Vise le coeur, the new detective series from the creators of Profilage with Claire Keim, or even Visions, a thriller directed by Louane.

Tf1 announces season 2 of la promesse and a sequel for le saut du diable with philippe bas on tv


After the success of I Love You Hairstyle, TF1 adapts They love themselves into fiction

The Unitarians will not be outdone with the comedy Le Furet, with Mathieu Madenian, and strong societal fictions like Il est elle, on the transident, The Last Part, which addresses the end of life with Franck Dubosc and Guy Marchand in the roles main, Touchées, TV movie directed by Alexandra Lamy on the theme of violence against women, or Handi-Gang, which will address the issue of the inclusion of young people with disabilities, with Alessandra Sublet, Lola Dewaere, and the swimmer Handisport Théo Curin, among others.

Following the success of the adaptation of Muriel Robin’s sketches, I Love You Hairstyle, last year, TF1 also commissioned They love each other on all floors, a new fiction adapted this time from the play Ils Love each other by Muriel Robin and Pierre Palmade, whose 25th anniversary is being celebrated this year. The opportunity to discover, around Michèle Laroque, Pierre Palmade, and Muriel Robin, many guests with whom they will revisit this cult fiction show.

Tf1 announces season 2 of la promesse and a sequel for le saut du diable with philippe bas on tv

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Several renewals announced for next season

It is finally on the side of the renewals of fictions already installed that the biggest surprises fell. TF1 has, in fact, officially announced a season 2 of The Promise, without saying more about the plot of this new batch and on the return, or not, of certain actors, including Sofia Essaïdi.

Le Leap du diable, broadcast in June on TF1, will also be entitled to a sequel – probably in the form of a new TV movie – which will see Philippe Bas return to service after the success of the first part.

And the channel also took the opportunity to formalize season 9 of Léo Matteï, still worn by Jean-Luc Reichmann, and the final episodes of Alice Nevers and Research Section, which should both be entitled to a double episode of conclusion after their cancellation earlier this year.

Series which thus join season 12 of Clem, season 6 of Sam, seasons 4 of Munch and Balthazar, and seasons 2 of HPI and I promise you within the 2021-2022 grid of TF1. Without forgetting the soap operas Tomorrow belongs to us and Here it all begins, whose success cannot be denied.

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