Tesla’s plan to bring employees back to work

Workers assemble cars on the line at the Tesla factory in Fremont.

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Tesla said it has started the resumption of operations process and released a plan to bring its employees and contractors back to work amid growing dispute with local California health officials over a shelter order place that kept the automaker’s Fremont factory inactive during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our restart plan is the result of months of careful planning and preparation,” said Tesla management. in a blog post titled “Back to Work.“” It was modeled after the comprehensive return-to-work plan that we set up at our Shanghai Gigafactory, which has had smooth and healthy operations for the past three months. “

Tesla filed a lawsuit against Alameda County in California over the weekend, asking a federal court to invalidate orders from local authorities that prevented the automaker from resuming production at its Fremont factory. Elon Musk, CEO of the automaker, threatened Saturday to relocate Tesla out of California due to the plant closure.

Tesla contends in the blog post that the Fremont plant falls under the essential Gavin Newsom government labor guidelines and should resume production as it is essential national infrastructure.

“Contrary to recent directives and the support of the governor of the city of Fremont, the county of Alameda insists that we do not resume operations,” Tesla management said in the blog. “It is not for lack of testing or transparency since we have met and collaborated on our restart plans with the Alameda County Health Services Agency.”

Each Tesla facility has a return-to-work plan and a response team, which includes a doctor, establishes health and safety guidelines based on location and specific workplace risk assessments, according to the plan. ‘company. In some cases, partitions and barriers have been added to minimize interaction with employees.

Tesla’s reopening plan outlines several safety guidelines and protocols for Tesla workers, including increased cleaning and disinfection in work areas; impose social distancing; control access to facilities and impose temperature controls in certain locations.

“We take the time we need to properly train our staff before we start work, and all employees must take online video training before returning to work at any Tesla location,” the company said.

The company will also adjust work schedules to control the number of people in the same workspace and cut shuttle occupancy in half. The company says it will provide personal protective equipment to workers and implement contactless services for people who have direct contact with customers.

Tesla employees who can work from home will continue to do so, but those needed for essential operations in production facilities will gradually return to work.

Employees who return to work will complete a self-health checklist daily. Workers with symptoms are asked to stay at home, according to the plan.

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