Tesla Autopilot detects speed limits and green lights

Tesla cars in the US can now read speed limit signs and detect green lights, following a new software update.

The vehicle autopilot system generates a speed limit warning on the dashboard display and sends a notification if the car is stopped at a green light.

The features were released in the latest update of the “full self-driving” version of Tesla’s Autopilot.

Tesla vehicles can already slow down at red lights and stop signs.

In July 2019, Tesla’s website advertised “full potential for autonomous driving,” including self-driving on highways, although it has always argued that its autopilot is not designed to replace a human driver.

Meanwhile, Cruise –

the self-driving car start-up, owned by the majority of General Motors – uses artificial intelligence to train its cars to understand the body language of people on the streets and on the streets.

This could be used to identify someone holding their hand to signal the stop or a cyclist extending his left arm to indicate he is turning left, for example.

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