Terror in Resonance on DNA: a nugget anime to discover absolutely, by the creator of …

Watanabe Shinichiro’s original creation, Terror in Resonance, is now available on DNA! The opportunity to come back to this psychological series from which it is impossible to stop!


On an ordinary summer day, a bomb suddenly explodes in the heart of Tokyo. A terrorist act claimed by a duo of masked adolescents calling themselves “Sphinx”.

Through a series of enigmatic videos, the two young men reveal that this event is only the prelude of a huge game involving the entire Japanese population …


A little-known nugget in the anime sphere, Terror in Resonance is an original creation that has nevertheless been able to delight the greatest fans of psychological thrillers. Against a backdrop of twisted puzzles, nods to Greek mythology, and devastating explosions, this UFO work offers us one of the scenarios seinen the best put together and the most daring of his generation.

Supported by a well-executed production, the story begins, evolves and ends in only eleven episodes, with efficiency and precision. A short format, but which allows you to maintain a very good pace from start to finish. Dynamic and without downtime, this obvious criticism of modern society (and a real call to binge-watching) will leave you no respite.

The anime was also banned from broadcasting in China on the grounds that it included scenes that could potentially incite minors to commit acts of violence.

Terror in resonance on dna: a nugget anime to discover absolutely, by the creator of...

Twelve and Nine

His difficult-to-tackle subjects are accompanied by equally complex characters. The two protagonists, bruised and angry young adolescents, are perfectly written and developed, and offer us a deep reflection on this fine border which separates good and evil.

And with its brutal and powerful ending, you might not end the anime in the same frame of mind that you started it in.


Follower of thrilling and perfectly mastered stories, it is to Watanabe Shinichiro that the concept and the realization of Terror in Resonance are owed. After being illustrated at the helm of the cult Cowboy Bebop and the very popular Samurai Champloo and Kids on the Slope, it was a safe bet that this new project would be just as masterful as its predecessors.

At his side, the young Ihara Kenta was trying his hand at an anime script for the first time. Having worked so far only on live-action, the result could have been rough, but it is not. His experience as a screenwriter on Japanese thrillers allowed him to create a very powerful plot and atmosphere.

Terror in resonance on dna: a nugget anime to discover absolutely, by the creator of...

Terrorist explosion in Tokyo

This very well thought out writing is sublimated by an impeccable animation from the MAPPA studios, recently responsible for the adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen and soon to be animators of the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man. Her cool colors and chiseled features fit in perfectly with the pressure and angst expected from an anime about terrorism.

But the real strength of Terror in Resonance lies in its music. After collaborating on Cowboy Bebop and Space ☆ Dandy, Kanno Yoko is back alongside Watanabe Shinichiro. To accompany her special atmosphere, this genius composer offers us sensational and melancholic OSTs, essential to the charm of the series.

So while waiting for the Cowboy Bebop live-action which arrives on November 19 on Netflix, do not hesitate to (re) discover this masterpiece from the same creator! It is already available on the ADN platform in VOSTFR as in VF.

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