Unleash Your Scream: The Terrifying 2023 Horror Flick that’s Taking Netflix by Storm

Unleash Your Scream: The Terrifying 2023 Horror Flick that’s Taking Netflix by Storm

As the lone major studio lacking its own streaming service, Sony relies on external platforms to showcase its films. With Netflix securing the rights to Sony’s latest releases, one of the studio’s 2023 movies has surged to the top of Netflix’s list of 10 most popular films. Despite a limited theatrical run, The Pope’s Exorcist has captivated Netflix subscribers with its chilling horror tale. So, instead of a midsummer Christmas, Netflix treats us to a spine-tingling Halloween in August.

If you seek thrills and a captivating horror story to induce shivers during these sweltering summer nights, here are three compelling reasons to watch The Pope’s Exorcist.

Russell Crowe gives a commanding performance.

Russell Crowe in The Pope's Exorcist.
Sony Pictures

Despite his somewhat silly cameo as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder, Russell Crowe’s Oscar-winning acting prowess should not be overlooked. This is especially evident in The Pope’s Exorcist, where Crowe fully embraces his role as Father Gabriele Amorth, bringing gravitas to the film by treating the events with seriousness. However, Crowe also masterfully balances Amorth’s character with moments of levity and vulnerability, acknowledging that even a seasoned priest can find himself overwhelmed.

In essence, Crowe’s portrayal of Amorth is integral to the success of the movie. While Amorth may be dubbed “the James Bond of exorcists,” it is Crowe’s ability to humanize the character that truly shines. Regardless of the shade cast upon him by his Vatican adversaries, we always understand where Father Amorth is coming from. In the fictional world of the film, Crowe’s performance gives us an authentic and relatable protagonist.

It’s a surprisingly effective horror movie.

Peter DeSouza-Feighoney as Henry in The Pope's Exorcist.
Sony Pictures

Exorcism movies may seem repetitive, with The Exorcist setting the standard half a century ago. However, The Pope’s Exorcist follows many of the same elements, executing them with finesse. Peter DeSouza-Feighoney delivers a haunting physical performance as Henry, a young boy possessed by a demon. Adding to the eerie atmosphere, Ralph Ineson lends his voice to the demon residing within Henry, perfectly embodying pure evil.

Unlike previous films in this genre that often focus on a partnership between two clergymen, The Pope’s Exorcist takes a different path. Father Amorth, portrayed by Crowe, mentors local priest Father Esquibel (Daniel Zovatto), as they perform Henry’s exorcism. Although Esquibel’s lack of experience puts them both in jeopardy, even Amorth recognizes that the malevolence they face might be insurmountable. Faith remains a recurring theme in these movies, and this film strikes all the right chords, standing on its own merits.

It’s deeper than you might think.

Russell Crowe and Daniel Zovatto in The Pope's Exorcist.
Sony Pictures

One of the most captivating aspects of “The Pope’s Exorcist” is the profound battle not only to save Henry’s soul but also to salvage their own. Amorth and Esquibel find themselves haunted by past transgressions, cleverly exploited by the malevolent demon.

Moreover, Amorth unveils a long-suppressed secret within the church, interwoven with a centuries-old demonic possession. This revelation dramatically escalates the stakes for both Amorth and Esquibel, as their current infernal adversary harbors destructive intentions to dismantle the church from within. Unless they navigate with utmost caution, these dark ambitions may indeed materialize.

Watch The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix.

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