Terminator Renaissance: 12 references to the first films

Terminator Renaissance: 12 references to the first films

Discover the hidden details and references of “Terminator: Renaissance”, the fourth installment of the famous science fiction saga created by James Cameron.

Lost in time

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When Marcus asks: “What day is it? What year?” This harkens back to Kyle Reese’s line in Terminator 1, when he fiercely interrogates an individual in a dismal alley.

Kyle Reese’s paraphernalia

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Anton Yelchin plays Kyle Reese, and wears two characteristic objects of the character: a shotgun to defend himself and a pair of Nike with velcro on the feet. Two elements that we find in the first Terminator.

“I’ll Be Back”

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Exceptionally, it is not the Terminator who utters this cult replica in Renaissance, but John Connor (Christian Bale), before leaving for his rescue mission.

Kyle Reese in the text

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Anton Yelchin says to Sam worthington : “Follow me if you don’t want to die”, a line Kyle was already saying to Sarah during the nightclub scene from the first movie.

A building in poor condition

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When Kyle, Star and Marcus take shelter in the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles (or what is left of it), it is a reference to the first film, in which a naked Schwarzenegger was going to retrieve clothes rather violently from there. ‘a group of punks led by Bill Paxton.

Gas station

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In the previous Terminator trilogy Renaissance, a gas station often plays a key role: Sarah Connor records a tape there for John (T1), John and the T-800 take refuge there after the hospital scene (T2) and the characters pass there in T3. Renaissance is part of the tradition with the scene of the Harvester attacking the Resistance.


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The production was careful that the scars the Terminator created on John Connor’s face were exactly the same as the same, older character in Terminator 2.

Vocal cameo

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Linda Hamilton’s (Sarah Connor) voice is heard when John listens to his mom’s voice. A slightly modified speech compared to the one she recorded during the first film of the saga.

Terry Crews cut!

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Actor Terry Crews, who played a member of John Connor’s crew, had a subplot that was cut for editing by director McG and also not incorporated into the Director’s cut of the movie. He can still be seen briefly before John Connor (Christian Bale) goes undercover in Skynet.

A face already seen

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Michael Papajohn appears resisting during the film’s long rainy streak, but he had previously appeared as a medic in Terminator 3.

Secret coordinates

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From the start of the film, the supposedly fictitious coordinates displayed on the screen indicate a very real location, south of Beijing, China.

Bale & Schwarzy

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Christian Bale and Arnold schwarzenegger have as a point in common to have both appeared in two same franchises: Terminator obviously, and Batman (the trilogy of Christopher Nolan for Bale, Batman and Robin for Schwarzy).

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