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Are you the biggest fan of Rise of the Machines? It’s time to try our Terminator 3 quiz!

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, released in theaters in August 2003, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. For the occasion, we offer you a questionnaire to test your knowledge of the 3rd opus of the saga.

In The Rise of the Machines, ten years have passed since “The Last Judgment”. Now 22 years old, John Connor lives in the shadows, without a home, without a job, without an identity. But Skynet’s machines manage to track him down.

They then send the TX, an almost invulnerable new generation android, to the past to eliminate the future leader of the human resistance but also Kate Brewster, a young veterinarian.

Another Terminator, the T-101, came to protect John Connor’s life. Together, man and machine will lead a fierce fight against TX: the outcome of this fight will depend on the future of humanity.

Terminator 3 is the first film in the Terminator series not to be directed and written by James Cameron, who imagined the terrible killer robot in the early 80s. The Canadian director, who did not wish to return to service, is well credited in the credits of Terminator 3, but only as the creator of the characters.

Once James Cameron’s refusal was definitively acquired, the search for the director of Terminator 3 kept all of Hollywood in suspense for several months. The names of Ridley Scott, Roland Emmerich, David Fincher, Christian Duguay and John McTiernan were mentioned before Jonathan Mostow won in the spring of 2001.

If John Connor has changed his face, if his mother Sarah Connor is absent from Terminator 3, two characters have nevertheless passed the third clap. The Terminator embodied by Arnold Schwarzenegger of course and Doctor Silberman, a psychiatrist still embodied by Earl Boen, as in the first two Terminators.

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