Terminator 3: why do the T-800s all have the head of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the saga?  - Cinema News

Terminator 3: why do the T-800s all have the head of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the saga? – Cinema News

Broadcast this evening on the C8 channel, “Terminator 3: the rise of the machines” marked a (very) difficult resumption of the torch left by James Cameron. With a real question: why do the T-800s all have the faces of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Broadcast this evening on the C8 channel, it is an understatement to say that with Terminator 3, the exercise is proving complicated for the filmmaker Jonathan Mostow, who tries very hard to slip into the shoes of James Cameron, who had left a memory indelible after a grand and jubilant Terminator 2 …

Still, this new opus is once again the opportunity to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger, inseparable from the franchise, always in the guise (more or less unbreakable if one dares to say) of the T-800. With the exception of Terminator: Rebirth in 2009 (and again, he appears there in CGI, rejuvenated), our favorite Arnie has re-stuck in Terminator Genisys in 2015, and Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019.

A question may have occurred to you: but why do the T-800s all have the actor’s face in the saga?

The answer is actually in a cut scene from Terminator 3 exactly ! And it’s at the Anglo-Saxon site Screenrant that the first to have raised the question: the body wrap was made from a character, Staff Sergeant William Candy.

As revealed in a deleted scene during the production of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the physical appearance of the T-800 is modeled on Staff Sergeant William Candy, a member of the US Air Force combat team. He was selected by Cyber ​​Research Systems, who took over what was left of Cyberdyne’s projects after their headquarters were destroyed in Terminator 2. Candy is played by Schwarzenegger, and given that he spent his life wanting to be on top of his physical condition, it is not difficult to imagine why he was chosen “.

The cut scene in question, below …

In a tasty way, it is not in this scene the voice of Arnie that we hear, vocally dubbed by someone else to have precisely this accent of the South of the United States, very pronounced. Which has the gift of raising the hair of the CEO of Cyber ​​Research System, Thomas Shelby, before his assistant, Sherwood Olson, explains that it will be corrected without problem … With the voice of Schwarzy! We understand that the assistant was content to correct the problem by simply putting his own voice on the future T-800!

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