Tenet by Christopher Nolan: a new French release date for the film – Cinema News

Tenet by Christopher Nolan should finally be released on French screens the same day as in the United States: August 12.

The waltz of dates continues for Tenet, the next film by Christopher Nolan. Waited in our dark rooms in mid-July before moving to 31, the thriller event was finally postponed from August 12 due to the uncertainties related to the health situation in the United States. The French branch of the studio has today confirmed that the film will be released the same day in France, a week before Disney’s Mulan, announced this afternoon at August 19.

This release was accompanied by a resumption of Inception on July 14. The feature film – which celebrates its 10 years this year – will finally be offered from July 29 and will be accompanied by a message from the director and 5 minutes of extracts from Tenet.

In Tenet, John David Washington will try to save the world with the word Tenet as the only clue. His mission will project him into a dimension that goes beyond time. However, it is not a time travel, but a time reversal …

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