Ten Percent: The Crazy Call My Agent: Bollywood Trailer

We didn’t expect it, but an Indian adaptation of Ten Percent is coming out on Netflix soon. The platform has just unveiled the completely crazy trailer.

Ten percent: the crazy call my agent: bollywood trailer

We knew that Ten percent had met with great success internationally, thanks to its broadcast on Netflix. We also knew that an adaptation across the Channel is in the pipeline with a cast that makes you drool with envy.

We now know that we will soon be able to see on Netflix an Indian adaptation of Fanny Herrero’s cult series, called Call My Agent: Bollywood. This breathtaking trailer opens with the main cast, the four agents and heroes of the series, who come out of an elevator filmed in low angle like the greatest VIPs.

Over the images, a voice declaims in the form of a slam these few sentences which announce color in all modesty:

For all your work concerns, I am here. Don’t call me an agent, call me a legend

Then begins the presentation of the characters and their performers. In the role of Monty Behl, who is identified as the equivalent of Mathias (Thibault de Montalembert), we discover Rajat Kapoor. In that of Amal Ahmed who would therefore interpret Andréa (Camille Cottin), here is Aahana Kumra. Arlette (Liliane Rovère) becomes Treasa Matthews, played by Soni Razdan. And the shy Gabriel (Grégory Montel) becomes the very confident Mehershad Sodawala, played by Ayush Mehra.

They are presented as the best agents in Bollywood in bling-bling settings. Certain codes of the original series seem to be respected, such as the presence of a small dog with Treasa / Arlette. But the video does not say if the dog’s name is Jean Gabin or Shammi Kapoor…

It promises to be epic, dramatic, glamorous and definitely too much! It remains to be seen whether – as in the French version – the biggest stars of Bollywood will play the game to interpret caricatured versions of themselves …

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