Ten Percent season 4: the true love story that inspired the episode with José Garcia – news series on tv

Season 4 of Ten percent continues tonight on France 2, with an episode centered around José Garcia and a plot inspired by a true story that would have lived a famous actor as entrusted by the producer Dominique Besnehard.

Ten Percent season 4 the true love story that inspired

How much is true and false in Ten Percent? It has been said a lot that most of the plots were more or less distantly inspired by real events, and this is precisely the case tonight in episode 3, with José Garcia as a guest.

The episode imagines the reunion years later between the actor and a youthful love at first sight, love at first sight which would have taken place on a film set. This love story of lost youth would have been inspired by … the actor Jean-Louis Trintignant. This is what recently entrusted the former agent and producer Dominique Besnehard, at the microphone of Brut.

He told me he was married too, and all of a sudden they had some sort of trouble like that. It can happen on a movie. And they had arranged to meet a year later in a hotel to see …“.

In this episode, Andrea Martel has to contend with Mathias’ talent drain, and has no choice but to let the competition enter directly into the ranks of ASK … although that is not to the liking of the whole team. She must also take care of José Garcia who seems uncontrollable since he found his love of youth on a set: to ensure the good performance of the film and protect its actor, Andréa must investigate what really happened between the two lovers and gradually understands that José may not have told him the whole truth …

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