Ten percent: Gérard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve, Dany Boon … These invited guests for the series on TV

Ten percent Gerard Depardieu Catherine Deneuve Dany Boon These invited

Depardieu, Dany Boon, Sophie Marceau … Focus on 10 actors and actresses solicited … who finally declined a stake in Dix Pour Cent. The broadcast of the France 2 series ends next week …

While this season 4 of Ten Percent is announced as the last, back on these personalities who almost appeared as a guest in the series, and who for various reasons, declined / withdrew.

We will also note that this final season distills some names of personalities, as a wink, either of personalities past in previous seasons (Cécile de France, heroine of the very first episode) or talents that do not appear in the end. in the series, like Dany Boon or François Cluzet.

Gérard Depardieu

Long courted by the series Dix Pour Cent, the writers of season 4 counted on Gérard Depardieu, and had imagined an episode for him, the one precisely ending season 4. “Too busy to break free“as the producer Harold Valentin told us during our visit to the shoot, Gérard Depardieu has been replaced by an actor of the same generation, with whom he has already shared the poster several times, Jean Reno. It is to the latter that returns the honor of bidding farewell to the agents of ASK, in episode 6 broadcast next week on France 2.

If the producers of the series had managed to convince Gérard Depardieu, it was a great revenge, the actor having already said – with his outspokenness – that he had no desire to play it: They offered me a role but what do you want me to do in there? I’m not a big fan of this profession even though I love actors. Ten percent pisses me off because it’s false and cartoonish“, he said to readers of the Parisian / Today in France, in 2016.

François Cluzet

He is one of the few actors to have spoken publicly about his refusal to participate in the series. Courted by the creators of Ten percent, François Cluzet declined. “As I read the script, I realized that it wasn’t for me at all. (…) He was a kind of star, not capricious, but a little vehement. I didn’t know how to play this“, he explained at the microphone ofEurope 1.

More recently, François Cluzet completed these declarations on RTL’s antenna, affirming that a few years ago “he would have run” after such a project, but that the question no longer arises since he now has many proposals allowing him to choose his roles. Admitting to having “a real problem with television”, Cluzet praised the artistic qualities of the series, which he discovered as a simple spectator.

Note that, like Dany Boon (see below), his name is nevertheless mentioned in the series.

Gérard and Arthur Jugnot

I was offered Ten percent (with his son, Arthur Jugnot, editor’s note). I declined. I want to play a jerk, but not that his name is Jugnot …“Here it is! Gérard Jugnot and his son Arthur refused Ten percent, as Jugnot father had explained to the Parisian, because the idea of ​​mixing true and false, with their real identity was problematic. Gérard Jugnot explained that ‘he would prefer to embark on a long series.

The Lamy sisters

The episode of season 1 of Ten percent showing the (false) rivalry between Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet caused several refusals. Besides Gérard and Arthur Jugnot, this episode was also declined by the sisters Lamy, Audrey and Alexandra.

Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta also refused, in this case the episode with JoeyStarr. “I love it ! Laetitia Casta is part of my family. But it’s true that I didn’t understand that she refused, Dominique Besnehard, creator of Dix pour cent, explained to VSD. I resented him because he is someone I love so much. (…) But hey, I’m not holding a grudge. At the same time, for Laetitia, it doesn’t matter. She was replaced by Julie Gayet, who has tremendous humor and self-mockery“.

Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau is among the personalities to have refused the series. To believe Dominique Besnehard, his refusal was linked to bad timing to solicit her. “Now was not the time because hey, she had some personal problems …“. The actress was indeed in full separation with Christophe Lambert.

Kev Adams & Dany Boon

Kev Adams is one of the personalities to have been approached by Dominique Besnehard. The same goes for Dany Boon. The actor was tipped to star in season 3, but ultimately his name was not in the credits, most likely due to an overly busy schedule. While Dany Boon had been announced as participating in season 4, the writers have found a “subterfuge”, by repeatedly evoking the actor (without him appearing) but above all by imagining a role for the mother of Dany Boon, “Madame Bonnero” (played by the actress Mauricette Gourdon ).

Pierre Niney

The name of Pierre Niney also circulates among the personalities who declined Ten percent. Pity ! The actor would be perfect in the series. We even imagined it in a scenario totally invented by us for season 4.

Catherine Deneuve

Like Gérard Jugnot, Catherine Deneuve does not like the idea of ​​mixing the real identity of actors and fanciful scenarios. “It is precisely this particularity that attracts me little, she explained to our colleagues from Télérama some time ago. For the public, confusion can be fun. But for the one who finds himself confused with a role entirely made from his public image, necessarily misleading, it is less funny … In Ten percent, the actors of cinema are passing. The real heroes of the series, their agents, are the most interesting characters.


Did you know ? Besides the guests, other famous names have circulated to occupy different positions in the series. At its very beginnings, François Ozon was asked to direct the series, as reported by our colleagues from PureMedia. This mission was finally entrusted, among others to Cédric Klapisch.

Another surprising name, excluding guest: the comedian and actor Kheiron could have played the role of Hicham, who arrived in season 2. It was finally the actor Assaad Bouab who won the casting.