Temporary Venue at the Joiners Arms | News

Temporary Venue at the Joiners Arms | News

Since the LGBTQ + pub The Joiners Arms on Hackney Road closed in 2015 after being bought for refurbishment, the Friends of the Joiners Arms community campaign group has been fighting to save the place. The Tower Hamlets board has approved Regal London’s redevelopment of the site on the condition that it include an LGTBTQ + location as a permanent replacement for the Joiners Arms, but work on the site has yet to begin, meaning that the community hasn’t had queer space for six years.

Regal has now pledged to pay £ 100,000 for temporary LGBTQ + space at the site, to open as soon as construction begins, in what is believed to be the first time a property developer has paid for a queer venue temporary as a condition of the building permit. .

As Amy Roberts, president of Friends of the Joiners Arms says, “We have always said that the best thing for the local and wider queer community, and existing residents, would be the provision of much needed social housing and the reopening of the Joiners Arms. is a unique, wacky, community-run queer pub. If development continues, we must ensure that the queer community has a long-term replacement place as well as a space for
compensate for years of forced closure. “

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