Teen Wolf: American Horror Story star almost played Stiles

Teen Wolf: American Horror Story star almost played Stiles

On the occasion of 10 years of “Teen Wolf,” which ended in 2017, creator Jeff Davis revealed that Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”) auditioned for Stiles. And that Noah Centineo had also almost played in the series.


Teen Wolf is already celebrating its 10th anniversary! On June 5, 2011, MTV broadcast the very first episode of the fantasy series that revealed Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, and Colton Haynes.

On the occasion of this milestone anniversary, Jeff Davis, the creator of this television adaptation of the eponymous film with Michael J. Fox, reflected on the highlights of the series in an interview with E! News. And took the opportunity to unveil some names of actors who auditioned at the time, in the hope of landing one of the major roles of Teen Wolf. In vain.

Jeff Davis, for example, reveals that Evan Peters, well known to fans of American Horror Story and the final installments of the X-Men saga, went through trials for Stiles before Dylan O’Brien was finally chosen to play the best. friend of Scott McCall.

And if there is no doubt that Evan Peters, seen recently in Mare of Easttown and used to dark and tortured roles, would have shone in “Void Stiles” in season 3, it is still hard to imagine Stiles embodied by someone other than Dylan O’Brien.

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Without specifying the character for which they tried their luck, Jeff Davis also confides that the actor, singer, and influencer Cameron Dallas, revealed by the social networks, and Noah Centineo, the star of the Netflix trilogy To all the boys that I loved it, also auditioned before finally being rejected.

And Noah Centineo seemed to genuinely want to be part of the adventure and camp a werewolf since he would have had a total of four trials for Teen Wolf before joining the cast of The Fosters in 2015.

Finally, still in the radius of the second casting of Teen Wolf, know that, still according to Jeff Davis, JR Bourne, the interpreter of Chris Argent, had first passed tests for the role of Deaton, the veterinarian embodied at the end of account by Seth Gilliam.

“JR Bourne showed up for Deaton and practically got the part, he auditioned for it”Davis tells E! News. “And then I was still like ‘There really is something about him’, and we realized he was perfect for the role of Allison’s father.”.

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