Teddy trailer: Anthony Bajon werewolf in a biting fantasy comedy

Teddy trailer: Anthony Bajon werewolf in a biting fantasy comedy

Maximilien Pierrette

Maximilien Pierrette

Cinema journalist

Caught by the distant Star Wars galaxy at light speed, stunned by the Matrix, bewitched by 2001, enthralled by the battles of Middle-earth, frightened by the dinos of Jurassic Park… He owes some of his finest slaps to these universes which made him travel while remaining seated.

Successfully passed by several festivals, including that of Deauville, “Teddy” is fast approaching theaters. While waiting for its release on June 30, this fantastic comedy against a backdrop of lou-garou is revealed in pictures.

Wolf are you there ? Almost ! After having excited the spectators and jurors of several festivals, including those of Deauville, Sitges (where he received the Critics’ Prize) and Gérardmer (Jury Prize), Teddy will come to howl at the moon from June 30 in our theaters. . And he presents himself to us with a trailer that sets the tone.

After Willy 1er, which they had directed with Marielle Gautier and Hugo P. Thomas, Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma are alone at the helm of this fantastic and horrific comedy, in which we find their love for the marginalized and the region in which they grew up. .

Here they tell us the story of Teddy, 19 years old. Without a diploma, the latter lives with his adopted uncle, works in a massage parlor and annoys the locals as much as this wolf who roams and wreaks havoc. Is he the one who scratches it during a full moon night? The animal impulses that he develops during the following weeks suggest that it does.

Influenced by The Werewolf of London or Ginger Snaps, the two directors sign a feature film that gently switches from comedy to horror. In the sun and offering Anthony Bajon the opportunity to unveil a new facet of his raw talent. What if Teddy became the surprise summer box office surprise? Answer in a few weeks.

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