Ted Lasso on Apple TV +: a season 2 “even more positive and optimistic than the first”

While season 2 of Ted Lasso finally arrives on AppleTV +, AlloCiné was able to speak with Jason Sudeikis and his associates to discuss the new episodes of the comedy series and their preferences in terms of football.

“Believe!” Coach Lasso is back in season 2 of the Ted Lasso comedy series, available on AppleTV + from this Friday, July 23. For this occasion, AlloCiné spoke with its hero Jason Sudeikis, who was awarded a Golden Globe.

We also got to discuss Season 2 with the rest of the show’s team, leading the Emmy nominations for the next time.

AlloCiné: What can we expect from this second season of Ted Lasso? What will happen to your character?

Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso): You’re going to meet quite a few new faces this season. My team is no longer in Ligue 1, too. You will be entitled to conflicts, to the usual clashes that give this series its flavor. I also think that what each individual experiences, personally, begins to have an impact on the rest of the group.

Everyone therefore realizes the importance he or she has when he or she is part of a team. I think that the personal work that each one will undertake will have an effect on the others. It’s a series about personal transformation.

Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard): I’ve always seen this show as a trilogy. For me, this season is “The Empire strikes back”! It means that someone is going to lose a hand! Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Toheeb Jimoh (Sam Obisanya): We are looking to get back to Ligue 1, that’s what motivates us this season. I think we are resilient in order to overcome the various difficulties in front of us. I also like that in this season the players, who come from so many different backgrounds, end up forming a real family. It is a message of hope for our society, I believe.

Ted lasso on apple tv +: a season 2 "even more positive and optimistic than the first"

Apple TV +

Cristo Fernandez (Dani Rojas): I agree with Toheeb, we will also face some challenges on a personal level. We always keep hope in us and I think that’s also one of the themes of the series. To know how to remain confident in the face of adversity. You have to know how to stay positive in life, you have to know how to keep confidence in yourself and in your team.

Sarah Niles (Sharon): What I can tell you is that you are going to be surprised by my character. She is not who you think she is. We’re going to learn more about what she really thinks and who she really is. I also think it’s a season of optimism where everyone is less judgmental towards others. I really hope our season gives a little hope, a little relief in this harsh post-pandemic time.

Juno Temple (Keeley Jones): It’s a season about the maturity of our characters. Keeley is involved with the club full time as you will see. It’s a season where we realize even more that we should not judge “a book by its cover”. Life is a roller coaster, all of our characters will go through their ups and downs. This season we explore what makes us human.

Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent): It’s a new start for Roy who no longer plays football. Roy and Keeley are a couple now. The tone of this season is a little darker at times even if humor is still the engine of this series. In the end, it’s a more “adult” season in my opinion.

Phil Dunster (Jamie Tartt): Jamie is now part of a reality TV show. I think he needed a “break” like we saw in the first season of Ted Lasso. He also learned to apologize. This season is more focused on family spirit and exploring the notion of male toxicity and what really makes men from Men with a capital H. It’s not a series that puts men down. but which explains the difficulty of being a man and what is expected of him. It is sometimes not that simple or obvious.

Ted lasso on apple tv +: a season 2 "even more positive and optimistic than the first"

Apple TV +

Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca Welton): Rebecca finds herself in a better place in her life even though she hasn’t solved all of her existentialist problems. I think this season is about improving ourselves, what defines us as a “good person” and that’s probably why our audience continues to follow us. The show shows that you have to show love and compassion towards others. Sometimes you also have to forgive and know how to turn the page.

Jeremy Swift (Higgins): My character is also given more responsibility in terms of managing this team. He even hires a sports psychologist to better guide the players. It’s an even more “positive” and optimistic season than the first.

Nick Mohammed (Nathan Shelley): What is certain with Nathan is that he found all the confidence in him thanks to Ted who gave him his chance in the first season. We will therefore see him flourish even more in season 2 with more responsibilities. That said, he is always hesitant in his decisions and in his relationship with others. The show is still so fresh and full of optimism this season. It is really appreciable after this year and a half of pandemic.

Are you a soccer fan and what is your favorite team?

Jason Sudeikis: I’ve been a soccer fan more and more since I joined this show. I love watching Manchester City but I am also a fan of the Olympic women’s football team.

Brendan Hunt: I didn’t become a football fan until 2000 when I was living in Amsterdam and I’m an Arsenal fan.

Toheeb Jimoh: I’m a mega football fan! My whole family is a Manchester United fan even though we are from Niger and live in London.

Cristo Fernandez: Football is life! I support my team from Guadalajara Chivas in Mexico. But I also love Manchester United outside my country.

Sarah Niles: I’ve lived in Manchester for a long time so it’s impossible not to be a Manchester United fan. They really are Pop Stars. Recently I really enjoyed watching Euro 2021 despite the disappointing result of our English team. It reminds me of how I love watching all the big international teams like Italy, France, Argentina, Germany … and I admire teams like that of Japan who fight to the end with passion. .

Ted lasso on apple tv +: a season 2 "even more positive and optimistic than the first"

Apple TV +

Brett Goldtein: I am a fan of Tottenham Hostpur. My father is an obsessive fan of this team and so I too grew up with a lot of admiration for these players. If I hadn’t been loyal to this team my father would have kicked me out!

Juno Temple: My brother is a Chelsea fan and my dad swears by Arsenal. Sometimes it’s war with us! I have a weakness for our team, that of AFC Richmond with Ted Lasso for coach!

Phill Dunster: For me it’s AFC Wimbledon, without hesitation. It’s a small team with a big heart. And then, of course, I like Manchester United, like everyone else.

Hannah Waddingham: I’m not a big football fan but I do enjoy watching some games every now and then. The England team would undoubtedly need the services of Ted Lasso to help them! (laughs).

Nick Mohammed: I don’t watch football at all anymore. Which is ironic considering that I play in this series!

For you what are the differences between football and American football?

Jason Sudeikirs: The ads! We have it every 5 minutes in American football.

Brendan Hunt: Physically we can see that they do not have the same profile! It is also a different state of mind, of play. In American football, we focus on advancing a few centimeters at a time to put a “touch down” in the opposing camp. In football, we put a goal and we continue the game, it’s a little faster and more dynamic.

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