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Tarantino Rambo or Kill Bill 3 Whats his next movie

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is broadcast tonight on France 2. The opportunity to ask the question: what will Tarantino’s next film be?

Released in theaters in August 2019, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was a great success for its director Quentin Tarantino. Worn by the iconic duo brad pitt and Leonardo DiCapriothe film brought in $374 million worldwide for a budget of $90 million.

In France, the feature film attracted 2.6 million viewers, 1 million more than his previous film, The Hateful Eight.


For 3 years, the director of pulp Fiction has not been idle, notably publishing the novel Once upon a time in Hollywoodwhich extends the movie experience.

In the meantime, he is invited to many media to discuss cinema. He even drew the wrath of Internet users after recent sensational statements. Lately he got paid Francois Truffauttreating it of“bumbling amateur”.

“Thrillers of Claude Chabrol are vastly better than the dreadful Truffaut films Hitchcockwhich I find simply horrible”he hammered in the review Sight&Sound.

The Knoxville native also surprised Indiana Jones fans by declaring his love for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skullthe most hated episode of the saga.

“I prefer The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to the one with Sean Connery. I do not like The Last Crusade. I dont like him at all. He’s so boring. He sucks. And he doesn’t play an interesting character, the jokes are totally predictable“, he explained at the microphone of ReelBlend. What leave circumspect the aficionados of the archaeologist camped by Harrison Ford.

Quentin Tarantino therefore pours out on many subjects, including that of his next project on the big screen. Only, with Tarantino, difficult to know what is really feasible and what will remain only a fantasy.


For example, in August 2021, the filmmaker caused a stir when he revealed his desire to direct a new adaptation of Rambo with Adam Driver instead of stallion.

“If I just wanted to make a good movie, to make sure it was really good, I would adapt David Morrell’s First Blood. Not the Rambo movie, but the novel.

Every time I read it, I find the dialogues so fabulous that I read them aloud. It would be so good. Kurt Russell would play Sheriff Teasle and Adam Driver would be Rambo”he specified at the microphone of the podcast The Big Picture.


The one we nicknamed QT also has a project on fire that looks like an Arlesian: Kill Bill Volume 3. Since the release of the 2nd part in 2004, Quentin Tarantino regularly evokes a hypothetical 3rd episode.

In the first movie, Uma Thurman killed his enemy (Copper Viper), embodied by Vivica A. Fox, under the eyes of his daughter. The Bride, in her quest for revenge, did not pay attention to the presence of the little girl. Before leaving, she tells him that if she wants revenge when she’s older, she’ll know where to find her.

This sentence was the starting point for speculation around a 3rd opus that would be released 20 years later. It would feature Vipère Cuivrée’s daughter, who would confront Béatrix Kiddo to avenge the death of her mother. In July 2020, Vivica A. Fox declared that she would see Zendaya embody his adult daughter.

“I haven’t heard anything official, but I think Tarantino was waiting for the actress who played my daughter (Ambrosia Kelley) to grow up. During an interview, I was asked which young actress could play her in Vol 3. I immediately replied, ‘Ambrosia!’, but they meant a popular actress right now.

So I thought of Zendaya. Wouldn’t that be hell? It could even give the green light to the project: with Uma, they are tall, it would be badass to see them face to face. I love it. With any luck, we’ll be able to start a movement: ‘Come on, Tarantino, caste Zendaya!’ Maybe that can speed things up? That would be amazing, right?


In July 2021, Tarantino brought some new information on this subject during the podcast The Joe Regan Experience. If Kill Bill Vol. 3 was happening, he would like to reunite Uma Thurman and her daughter, Maya Hawke.

“I would like to find these characters 20 years later, imagine the fate of The Bride and her daughter, Bebe. They had peace for 20 years and now that peace is broken. The Bride and Bebe are on the run… and just the idea of ​​reuniting Uma Thurman and her daughter Maya Hawke is fucking exciting!”enthuses the director.

We could therefore dream of a confrontation between Zendaya and Maya Hawke, who would defend her mother against the bloodlust of the daughter of Copper Viper.

Tarantino also mentioned the return of other characters from his diptych who also harbored some grievances against Beatrix Kiddo.

“Elle Driver is still there somewhere. Sophie Fatale had her arm cut off but she’s still around too”explains the filmmaker.

Daryl Hannah and Julie Dreyfus would resume their respective roles to avenge the mutilations inflicted by The Bride. She indeed cut off Widowmaker’s arm before violently gouging out Elle Driver’s eye, leaving her blind.

“Gogo also has a sister, Shiaki, and she might show up too”, says Tarantino. It refers to Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama), Japanese fighter murdered by The Bride in the first film after a bloody confrontation. His sister would therefore also have a grudge against Uma Thurman.

Note that Maya Hawke has already filmed under the direction of Quentin Tarantino. She had a small role in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Fingers crossed so that the director can achieve this 3rd opus before retiring!

On the other hand, his Star Trek film project, in the pipeline for ages, was abandoned. To date, very clever whoever guesses QT’s next project at the cinema! You will have to be (very) patient.


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