Tarantino: a new Rambo with Adam Driver for the director?

After declaring that a Kill Bill 3 with Uma Thurman and his daughter Maya Hawke would be very cool to do, Quentin Tarantino now announces that he would be getting started on a new adaptation of Rambo.

Tarantino: a new rambo with adam driver for the director?

On July 1st, Quentin Tarantino expressed his desire to reunite Uma Thurman and his daughter, Maya Hawke, in a potential 3rd installment of Kill Bill. Today, the filmmaker talks about another project he would like to do: a new version of Rambo with Adam Driver in the lead role.

In promotion for his novel Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the director brought up this idea at the microphone of the podcast The Big Picture. He would like to do a new adaptation of First Blood, the David Morrell novel that served as the basis for the 1982 classic with Sylvester Stallone.

The director clarified that his version would have nothing to do with the one we owe to Ted Kotcheff. “When David O. Russell was talking about adapting Fighter, he didn’t think of himself as an author. He just said he wanted to make a good movie that people would enjoy watching.”, says Tarantino, who would also like to be part of this process.

“There was something really refreshing about hearing him say that. If I just wanted to make a good movie, to make sure it was really good, I would adapt David Morrell’s First Blood. Not the movie Rambo, but the novel. Every time I read it, I find the dialogues so fabulous that I read them aloud. It would be so good “, he explains.


Obviously, there is very little chance that this filmmaker’s fantasy will materialize. But if it did, QT would like Adam Driver to become Rambo’s new face. “Kurt Russell would play Sheriff Teasle and Adam Driver would be Rambo”, specifies the filmmaker.

In any case, the actor, seen recently in Annette, would have the necessary physique for such a demanding role. Additionally, Driver is a former US Army soldier. He had joined the ranks of the Marines after the attacks of September 11, 2001.


Tarantino, who has been claiming for years that he will stop the cinema after his 10th feature film, would however like to go further than a simple “good movie” for his latest work. “I would like to do more than that. But if it was just to make a good movie, it is possible”, concludes the director, who is looking for a challenge outside the box to end his career in style.

Kill Bill 3, Star Trek, Rambo … we’ll have to make up our minds Quentin, because your fans are impatient! Anyway, he will not reboot his old films, as some rumors have suggested. “If I had to do Reservoir Dogs again, it would be in the theater, it would make a great play. I think it would be cool”, reassures Tarantino.


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