Tandem on France 3: what awaits you in season 4 – news TV series

Tandem on France 3: what awaits you in season 4 – news TV series

The police series returns this Tuesday April 21 at 9:05 pm on France 3. On the menu of this new season 4, the family will be more than ever at the heart of its theme since two new characters will appear there … including the father of Leah.

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I love to play with [Stéphane Blancafort] and I think it shows on the screen. This is what gives all the credibility to this couple (…) I was a little afraid of falling into a kind of dog-cat systematism, and finally in season 4 there are new challenges that will happen“confided Astrid Veillon to the microphone of Allociné last June, at the time of the broadcast of season 3 of Tandem on France 3.

For the actress and the viewers, all the freshness of the series since its creation rests on the incongruity of the duo formed by Léa and Paul: a divorced couple, forced to continue working together. “This is what makes the difference with other series of the genre. We are not in a process of seduction, their story has already passed. This is what makes Tandem original.“With an average of 3.6 million viewers per evening and more than 16% of PDA, the last season of Tandem confirmed the success of its recipe!

After an end of season 3 full of suspense where Léa risked losing everything by opposing the colonel, putting her post and the life she built in Montpellier, we now find her appeased, still at the post of brigade commander . But she will have to face the unexpected arrival of a new colonel, Pierre Soler (Patrick Descamps) who is none other than her father! Initially delighted to find him, Léa will have to learn to make room with an imposing figure which arouses admiration in the gendarmerie. A war of egos in perspective? Léa can hope to count on the support of a new colleague freshly landed in the Montpellier brigade: Sabine Mauriac, interpreted by Tatiana Gousseff.

On the private side, while Léa feels ready to take the plunge by engaging with Grégory, her yoga teacher, Paul (Stéphane Blancafort) takes the blow to see her ex-partner for the first time happy as a couple since their separation . Should he make up his mind to leave Montpellier to turn the page? But the daily life of Léa and Paul turns upside down when Alice (Sarah-Cheyenne), their daughter, discovers that she is pregnant … How is the family going to face this event?

Find the first two new episodes of season 4 of Tandem, “Resurrection” and “Last Dance”, this evening at 9:05 pm on France 3!

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