Tamara on M6: What does the original comic look like?

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While the feature film “Tamara”, adapted from the comic strip of the same name, is broadcast this evening on M6, discover how the young heroine took her first steps between the pages of the Journal de Spirou.

Broadcast tonight on M6, Tamara follows the (mis) teenage adventures of a young high school student complexed by her overweight, and in love with Diego, the “handsome kid” of her class.

Directed by Alexandre Castagnetti (known for the series Les Invincibles as well as for the fantastic film Le Grimoire d’Arkandias) and carried by the young Héloïse Martin in her first role in the cinema, Tamara (who was entitled to a second part two years more tard) is especially the adaptation of the comic strip of the same name, signed by the Franco-Belgian duo Zidrou and Darasse.

Dupuis editions

It is November 7, 2001, between the pages of the famous Spirou’s Journal, that the young heroine was born under the name Tamara Boula. On the cover of n ° 3327, we can indeed see her for the very first time, facing a tall and slender young woman, and accompanied by the following catchline: “To succeed in comics, it is better to have this kind of measurements … Except when your name is Tamara Boula.”

Two years later, Tamara drops her last name and becomes the protagonist of her own series, which began in 2003 with the album How ?”. We follow the often complicated daily life of the young girl, her first heartaches, her high school struggles, her friendships, and the mockery of certain comrades in the face of her curves.

Dupuis editions

Faced with the growing success of the comic strip, which now has 16 albums, Tamara was therefore entitled to an adaptation on the big screen in 2016. Alongside Heloise Martin, we find in particular Rayane Bensetti, Sylvie Testud, Bruno Salomone and Blanche Gardin in a small role.

As a reminder, Tamara is far from being the only heroine of Spirou’s Journal to have benefited from a visit to the cinema. Indeed, we can also cite the more or less recent feature films dedicated to the Smurfs, Marsupilami, Boule and Bill, Spirou and Fantasio, Gaston Lagaffe or even Benoît Brisefer.

(Re) discover an excerpt from “Tamara” …

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