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Tamara Vol. 2 is broadcast tonight on M6. Is a sequel to the film worn by Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti being considered? The team responds.

Released in our theaters in July 2018, Tamara vol. 2 by Alexandre Castagnetti totaled 428,550 tickets to theaters (against 793,346 spectators for the first opus).

The feature film, carried by Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti, is based on the characters of the homonymous comic book by Zidrou and Darasse. The idea of ​​making a sequel to the first installment released in 2016 was born just after the promotional tour of the first film. The director explains: “We could already note a real enthusiasm and very touching reactions from the public. “

In this sequel, Tamara has been separated from Diego for two years. She finally leaves the nest to live the student adventure in Paris with her friend Sam. In a galley apartment, they accept a roommate with Wagner. Problem: Diego is part of the lot, and he is no longer single!

For Tamara, it starts badly … And everything gets complicated when she flashes on James, the perfect guy: student-photographer-model-DJ canon, star of social networks! To approach her, she will have to become popular and play with the big boys. All this under Diego’s gaze …

Faced with the public’s attachment to Tamara, a question logically arises: is a Tamara 3 possible?

Arnaud Borrel / UGC Distribution

A sequel in a few years?

During the promotion of the second part, the co-writer and director Alexandre Castagnetti confided to us: “At each screening we are asked to do a third part. Obviously it’s a great pleasure, but if we do it, and I say “if” because it also depends on the success, there should be a good story and we still talk about something different. (…)

I am thinking of the trilogies or quadrilogies of Klapisch or Truffaut, without comparing myself to them of course. But I like the aspect of following characters like that over years and years and seeing them change with each film.

Do not do bis repetita. So if there is a third part, I really want us to tell a new phase in the life of Tamara and her friends. That we grow together, with the public. And there I think it will be a real pleasure to be able to do another shutter“.

Arnaud Borrel / UGC Distribution

On the side of Heloise Martin and Rayane Bensetti, same story! The two young actors seem ready to resume their roles, but only in a few years, and only if there is a good script.

In June 2018, Diego’s interpreter told us: “I want a Tamara 3, absolutely, but in a few years. (…) If Alexander finds a sick idea, we will do it and we will necessarily be there (…).

The baby, the marriage, we can imagine a lot of things. We have lots of ideas and we could bring lots of things but it won’t happen right away because if we want to do something that is spread out over time, and yet another stage in life, we will have to ‘we grow up, or we make up ourselves (laughs)“.

In short, you will understand, a Tamara 3 is yes for the director Alexandre Castagnetti and his actors, but not immediately …

Rayane Bensetti and Héloïse Martin for Tamara Vol. 2:

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