Element of the valley near ground chili Operating Base Chapman, classified by the US installation in Afghanistan rising and seven civilians were killed outside the base, according to a US official familiar with the individual. During the second tower of the water on the ground a few rounds hit the base, though there are no persons or injured US.

THE ASSAULT OF THE, those who do not are not widely reported in Rome, followed in the case when the former comes from Kandahar This week, in the air, the earth, in which the element lorem convallis purus of the Taliban, according to the experience of the soldiers from the US, Shouldest thou help the forces of the Afghan high, and in the base.

Keeping the talent

Top US officials have been summoned by an unusually high rate of the past month what he would be in Afghanistan for the agreement, several sources tell CNN.

In several closed-door meeting, senior leaders, the “big three” – the CIA, the Department of Defense and the State Department – in order to thrust the divergent views on how to move forward from the administration, according to sources familiar with internal discussions.

The CIA, which has had a significant say in the US in Afghanistan decision-making, called “the clear positions staked out” the recent debate in favor of continuing the discussion and the US show il- source told CNN.

The band continuous combat operations in Afghanistan, “keeps alive the theater after the CIA to justify even to the extent accordance essentially whatever it wants to do in terms of business is very much in their best interest organizationally,” the source added.

The Pentagon would be open, generous costly litigation, if any of this year by the US in Afghanistan

He wants to keep the intelligence in the eyes of the US in Afghanistan, it is said, of the two sources familiar with the matter. When then-CIA director visited Gina Haspel 2019 in Afghanistan, where there are already discussions to expand the US intelligence and steps to maintain power in the country. That vote has not changed the sources said.

Senior military commanders that even some authorities keeping US troops on the ground, and so on and severely premature withdrawal of argument does not fall headlong into the Afghan government sources say.

The State Department indicated that those who are willing to accept a withdrawal from the agreement if the State can be reached. And while the Pentagon acknowledge that there is an agreement between the Taliban and the Afghan government brokering remains the objective, it’s unclear whether there is a composition of the State address broader strategic defense raised by the officials.

Biden did not make a decision to give a space of, I repent;

Biden’s trust purpose was careful examination to be “tough” to withdraw from the fully May 1, deliberating, gave him the room, contrary to expectation, the time left to the deadline now is already set to be met. In conversations with foreign counterparts, officials have Pointing to his comment that it’s logistically can not all be acknowledged by the US military in less than a month.

It is a very tough policy in this recognition from within; Biden because of a long curve, held to the views of war dating to the Obama administration. The pain of the final decision having been informed by him, did not repent, hoping to provide space to do the same – and so there are so many top-level meeting. There is also a genuine affliction, the way forward, sources said, it has become clear Biden do not want attacked.

And the stop-go talks with the Taliban to come to a conclusion in the more difficult, the White House and wary, something that has to be revised as it should be short and stick to it. It seems that I was not to see what the state of this very thing I also was eager keeps Biden, who stretches out the withdrawal from it the day, as often happens in the last few years.

State Department officials to welcome Biden administration’s deliberative process of the restoration of national security trials, but they are growing, too, as hot weather leading to a final judgment is not held constant.

I asked about it, a senior State State Department noted that there were various meetings that are added, but in Afghanistan policy discussions about the plan that they have effects for the country going forward.

The lack of approval of the rest has led to what seems to be the case of the periodic management. State Department officials last month when he played quietly reached out lawmakers to both sides of the aisle and tell them announcement was imminent. After the announcement has not yet arrived, said sources.

Secretary of State blinken Tony put into consulting with Congress on a plan deliberative process – from takeoff to landing – State Department and older, who pointed public commitment to 47 when asked about his words. He added that the state plans would not be imminent decision.

Biden’s message management and timing for the May 1 deadline to officials at the State Department remains uncertain. In a certain sense, on behalf of the administration of the notice given to him for a time, is not one having enabled and they left them, them being offered to the call attempt at rallying, the enemy pressed as stated in the arts, and continued, is kept in the labor, the Istanbul of the Taliban is on the table.

However, the recent spate of attacks is only one element of a new pasture to have contracted the Taliban’s defense officials about the will.

Protecting those left behind

If some officials now Biden is also gradually disposes draw 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan, and he is likely to change its mission. It can not be that there is some advice to help; and He that abideth, and to lead the forces of the Afghan counterterrorism missions is to see to it that in the country to fall back into the station, did not wanted to say to the extremists, and the wealth obtained by violence, and the magistrates.

Claims that several hundred soldiers to the proper operation of the public is not allowed to know what is widely Taliban and Afghanistan once. Is working covertly, for the present time, the CIA and other elements of the troops in the US intelligence to al Qaeda, and the city, and some other often used to hunt the souls to the rest of the fear of targets.

From the 1 Armored Division Combat Aviation Brigade forces UH-60 transports gas by any combination of Area Operations and Afghanistan.

The Pentagon is evaluating whether there are additional security measures needed to protect the US military in Afghanistan, which can go on the assumption that the Taliban operating follow through with his own forces to attack American tribes who are still in the country after May 1.

“Unless and until there with the Taliban, and after May 1, we need to be prepared for this attack,” a second source familiar with the situation told CNN.

The commissioners increased security in Kabul

The State Department is also preparing a more attentive level of security around the US Embassy in Kabul and given the possibility of violence increased personnel in the US after May 1 in the country, two sources familiar with the discussions said.

Representatives of the news constantly monitor the state of the world and the security immediately and act wisely prepared for the elders, the State Department official said.

Deputy CIA director Cohen, David, who served briefly as acting director’s agency, the Interagency recently been vocal in his internal discussions in Afghanistan, according to the source familiar with discussions. The majority of the convents of the three Cohen told CNN from this spring, he weighed out in the waiting for the authority of the Prince of the State of which the agent is that which, advocating the importance of the matter at once to their own country to become the CIA, and stores them in the light of his own.

William Burns confirmed Cia since the spring, but the director said he expected to support the same opinion, and the opinion that it would have a difficult time, although different from the wanted President, unless expressly to him.

Biden offered to you by the recent Congress and is less than the last, even these closed-door of the indication part to give orders, though he is a source tells CNN that the domestic the reaction, the element should be considered in the devices should not be excessive in going into.

That is, that the management of the magistrates and wide come together, which means that the design is not in the barn they signify their time with them in the externals of the counsel of the realm, but, in the end of the day, most of the average in America there are, and shall be consumed in the things which have a direct impact on their lives to the eternal fulfillment of the state, have no effect. As such, the public is happening almost solely on national security / foreign policy context.

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