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Remember when you could sit in a bar, watch the bartender prepare a fresh cocktail, take it from his hand and take a sip? Looks like there is a life, doesn’t it? The bars may still be closed, but you can still have ready-made cocktails delivered to your door.

Tails Cocktails specializes in batch cocktails, prepared with premium spirits and natural juices and infusions. They’re primarily aimed at the hospitality industry, so you may have already seen Tails in bars and restaurants, but due to the pandemic, they have moved into consumer deliveries spanning the British mainland, so you can now get Tails at home.

The Tails range includes classic cocktails, such as Pornstar Martini, which happens to be the most popular cocktail in the country. The Tails version consists of 42Below Premium Vodka, passion fruit liqueur, vanilla, passion fruit and lime juice. All you have to do is shake 125 ml of cocktail with ice (serve it in a martini glass for an authentic bar experience) and pour a glass of Prosecco to have on the side. You can even turn it into a Spritz Pornstar by mixing 100 ml of cocktail with the same measure of Prosecco or soda – it’s perfect for a summer barbecue.

And you can get a bottle of Tails Pornstar Martini with two mini bottles of Prosecco – that’s enough for eight servings – for just £ 30.


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