Syndrome E on TF1: will there be a season 2?

Worn by Vincent Elbaz and Jennifer Decker, the “Syndrome E” event series ends tonight on TF1. Will Sharko and Henebelle’s investigations have a sequel? Will other Franck Thilliez novels be adapted? We take stock.

End clap for E-syndrome. The detective series adapted from the eponymous novel by Franck Thilliezthe complete version of which has already been available since this summer on Salto, ends this evening on TF1 with the broadcast of the last two episodes, which will answer the many questions asked from the start.

In search of truth, Lucie (Jennifer Decker) will go to Montreal and will manage to trace the trail of the little girls that we could see in the old film of the 60s which made Henebelle spin. Unaware of the dark secrets that still remain buried in his own past.

As for Sharko (Vincent Elbaz), he will try to find traces of Walid, the little Moroccan guinea pig who traveled to France for a mysterious “final experience”, and will be kidnapped in turn. Also immersed in this famous ultimate experience piloted by the Moreau Foundation, whose viewers will finally understand the horrible motivations.

A season 2 adapted from Atomka in development

If Syndrome E is entitled to a real conclusion, TF1 and the production have never hidden that, from the start, their desire was to subsequently adapt other novels by Franck Thilliez featuring Sharko and Henebelle.

During the presentation of the series at Series Mania last March, it was even announced that a season 2 was already in development. Hence the subtitle “An investigation of Sharko and Henebelle”, which can be seen in the opening credits of Syndrome E and which suggests that other investigations, divided into seasons, will certainly follow.

“They are already working on the sequel, which this time will be adapted from the novel Atomka by Franck Thilliez”confided a few months ago to our microphone Vincent Elbaz, who seems ready to re-enter the skin of Franck Sharko.

Mathieu Missoffe, the screenwriter, is very good at adapting the universe of Thilliez. We trust him. (…) The filming of Syndrome E went very well, it was great to work with Laura de Butler (the director, editor’s note), so on paper, yes, I’m ready to continue. But it’s always the same: we’re waiting for the script. It’s complicated to commit before reading”.

Syndrome E on TF1 will there be a season 2

Will Syndrome E’s disappointing ratings seal the series’ fate?

In development for several months, will this season 2 see the light of day? Not sure. Indeed, Syndrome E has achieved disappointing audience scores since its launch on TF1 on September 29.

The first two episodes of the thriller worn by Vincent Elbaz, Jennifer Decker, Emmanuelle Beart, Kool Shen, Berengere Kriefand Michele Bernier in fact attracted only 3.07 million viewers on average, for a market share of 17.5% among the general public and 19.7% among women in charge of purchases under the age of fifty (FRDA- 50). Slightly low numbers in terms of the number of viewers and the commercial target for TF1.

And it didn’t get any better last Thursday, with an average of 2.30 million followers in front of episodes 3 and 4. This represents only 13.6% of the public and 15.4% of female purchasers aged under fifty years old. Indicator on which TF1 was overtaken by M6.

Fortunately, Syndrome E can count on a very efficient replay. On D+7, the first episode won 830,000 curious people and now totals 4.3 million viewers. While the audience share of episode 2 rose to 27% on the FRDA-50 commercial target.

But will this be enough to “save” the series and allow thriller fans to discover Atomka soon on TF1? The future will tell. Even if it seems rather badly engaged for the moment. The proof that the public of the One is not yet ready for such dark and audacious fictions? And that the French want comedy more in this period when the news is more than complicated and gloomy?

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