Syndrome E on TF1: Vincent Elbaz will be Franck Sharko in the series adapted from the novels of Franck Thilliez

Anne Viau, director of fiction for TF1, has just revealed during an interview the name of the actor who will play the commissioner Franck Sharko in the adaptation of Franck Thilliez’s novels.


While we had so far little information on Le Syndrome E, a series adapted from the novel by Franck Thilliez, Anne Viau, director of French fiction at TF1, has just unveiled during an interview with Pure Media, the name of the actor who will play Franck Sharko. It is Vincent Elbaz who will have the heavy task of embodying this tenacious and insightful commissioner, who does not let go of his prey until the investigation is resolved. The French actor and producer, more used to cinema, will therefore make his comeback on television almost 10 years after No Limit, an action series produced by Luc Besson. For now, the channel has not yet revealed who will slip into the skin of Franck Sharko’s teammate.

Composed of 6 episodes of 52 minutes, Syndrome E follows Franck Sharko and Lucie Hennebelle, two Parisian police officers, who investigate the chilling, even nightmarish world of mental manipulations and neurosciences while five corpses are found horribly mutilated …

On the technical team side, the first survey will be carried out by Laure De Butler, who recently worked on season 1 of La Promesse, while Mathieu Missoffe, the creator of Zone Blanche, should be writing. With 7 novels to date on the counter, the front page will not lack material if successful.

This interview was also an opportunity for Anne Viau to reveal that TF1 was currently working on The fighters, the next historical fiction of the chain. Produced by the Bazar de la Charité team, a real audience success when it was broadcast in December 2019, the series will follow the fate of four women (a prostitute, a nun, an industrial patron and a nurse) during the World War I, which was a period of emancipation for them. In fact, while the men fought at the front, women were able for the first time to have a central place in society by replacing them in the fields and in the factories. For the moment, no name has been announced to the casting.

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