Sygnard Odeon Sofa is an Iconic Piece Owing to its Grandiose Size

Sygnard is a little-known Swiss furniture brand, however, the furniture they manufacture is bold and conspicuous. Combining old design and new technology has been the prolong mantra for the design firm. And with balance and comfort in mind, they bring an Odeon Sofa to the public domain.

We have seen many sofa designs in the past. Some of them are best suited for luxurious family life, some are for bachelors, while others act as space-saving alternatives. Odeon sofa is for everyone! Starting with its appearance, the sofa comes in grand size. If you live alone or you live with your in-laws, the furniture is big enough to accommodate a joint family.

You can place it in a hallway or even keep it in your living room. Well, if you ask me, I’d even recommend you to even use it in your office. The powerful and uplifting design makes the sofa look like it’s floating in midair. It may give the impression of rising from the ground but is strongly poised on steel legs. The sofa is made of Acassar ebony or Zebrno wood and Amara ebony wood.

The wood comprises the back and the arms of the sofa. The furniture piece comes finished in high gloss lacquer which makes it an attractive and stylish item. The metal strips on the backrest add to the beauty of the wood and provide a sense of lightness to the furniture.

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Available in an array of colors from Ivory, Heather, Azur, Atlantic, and Rosebud; the sofa forms the perfect centerpiece for any room. Measuring around 125-inches in length, this humongous sofa can be brought home for €16794 (approx. $18,400)

Sygnard odeon sofa

Image: Sygnard

Sygnard odeon sofa_1

Image: Sygnard

Sygnard odeon sofa_3

Image: Sygnard

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