SwitchBot’s Blind Tilt Turns Your Ordinary Window Blinds Smart

SwitchBot is a Chinese company dedicated to inventing new gadgets and devices for your home that are cheap and functional. An affordable gadget that makes your home smart in minutes is something people go bonkers over, and this street smart strategy is paying well-off to Shenzhen-based firm. Famous for their retrofit products, SwitchBot’s latest innovation is Blind Tilt that converts your ordinary blinds into smart ones.

After introducing the Smart Locks and curtain Rod 2, the company has incorporated tech to blinds with another ingenious gadget. Their latest device is a cylindrical-shaped small motor that clamps to your existing window blinds and tilts them open or closed.

Before you go too excited, I’d like to inform you that SwitchBot Blind Tilt is just made for horizontal blinds with a wand (twisting rod). The device is a battery-powered controller and the integrated 2,000mAh lithium battery is backed by outward facing solar panel which keeps it charged all the time.

As far as the perks of the Blind Tilt is concerned, the device can automatically adjust to your chosen level of degrees you want the slats to be open or closed. There is also a built-in light sensor, which automatically adjusts the blind when the sunlight is too strong to bear.

This smart window blind kit allows you to keep your home bright throughout the day and is easy to control. The voice control feature incorporated in the gadget is of great help, especially to people with mobility issues. When you are not at home, you can still have your blinds open and close them on a schedule, mimicking as if someone is inside the home.

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Once you’ve successfully installed the retrofit window blind kit, you can control it easily using the SwitchBot app on your phone. You can create schedules, set timers, and enjoy automation with the sunrise and sunset mode. Currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter, the SwitchBot smart window blind kit can be pre-ordered for $69.

SwitchBot Solar-Powered Blind Tilt
Image: SwitchBot
SwitchBot retrofit window Blind kit
Image: SwitchBot
SwitchBot solar-powered window Blind
Image: SwitchBot

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