Suspicion, the chilling series on the world of work: “In this thriller, we don’t know what…

Available on Apple TV+, Suspicion is a remake of the Israeli series False Flag. Adapted and transposed on American soil, it depicts a vast story of conspiracy. Meeting with the team of the series.

Starring Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) and Uma Thurman, among others, Suspicion is the American adaptation of the Israeli series False Flag. The son of a wealthy businesswoman (Uma Thurman) is kidnapped by four criminals in the halls of a large hotel.

British citizens who stay in the same hotel are very quickly arrested by the FBI, considered as the main suspects of the kidnapping. It remains to be seen if they are really guilty or if they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meeting with Noah Emmerich who plays the FBI agent, Kunal Nayyar, Elizabeth Henstridge and Tom Rhys Harries who are among the suspects.

Suspicion, a series created by Rob Williams with Georgina Campbell, Noah Emmerich, Kunal Nayyar and Uma Thurman. One episode every Friday on Apple TV+.

AlloCiné: Introduce us to the series. Did it require any special preparation for your role?

Kunal Nayyar: It’s an intense thriller that keeps the suspense going until the end. I challenge you to find out who committed the crime, the kidnapping of the son of wealthy Katherine Newman played by Uma Thurman. Beyond the story, it’s a look at our society obsessed with individual gain and control. But there is also a reflection on the climate and its disruption. Due to the Covid, there was no particular preparation, except to have faith that the protocol put in place would protect us, which it did.

Elizabeth Henstridge: In this series, we do not know what is true and what is not. Who is telling the truth and who is lying. We started filming before the world shut down due to Covid. Coming back to filming a few months after a hiatus, we had to learn and follow a strict protocol.

Tom Rhys Harries: It’s a series full of mysteries and I was lucky to be a part of it. Filming was perilous and preparing for my role meant preparing to shoot with the Covid.

Noah Emmerich: As my colleagues said, the most incredible thing was to start filming on March 5, 2020 and find yourself in isolation 10 days later due to the global pandemic. I hope this intense filming added a level of intensity to this suspenseful and action-packed thriller.

Tell us a little more about the shooting, beyond the Covid aspect, how did everything go?

Kunal Nayyar: We mostly shot outdoors in several locations. It’s more stressful than shooting in a “controlled” setting like an indoor studio. Sometimes we shot at night and it was freezing cold. Not always easy to stay motivated.

Tom Rhys Harries: We also shot the series over several months. There is therefore, inevitably, an element of fatigue that sets in on the set.

Elizabeth Henstridge: At first, the most confusing thing was for everyone to take off their mask before each take. Sometimes we realized that someone had forgotten to take off their mask among the extras and we had to redo the take.

Suspicion, the chilling series on the world of work: "in this thriller, we don't know what...

Uma Thurman is the star of this series. He is truly an icon of cinema. What does she represent to you?

Elizabeth Henstridge: As you say, it is an icon! This proves the caliber of this series. Between her, Apple TV+ and the creators of the series, I couldn’t refuse this role. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize I’m sharing the poster with Uma!

Kunal Nayyar: How lucky indeed to be part of a series with this legend that is Uma Thurman.

In the end, what is the message of this series, if there is one?

Kunal Nayyar: This series is a reflection of our society and the disruption that is happening there. Disruption in particular of social networks that transmit this or that information, whether true or false. It’s frightening.

Noah Emmerich: For me the message is “who are we?” How do others see us and who are we really beyond this perception, the gaze of the other. Would our life survive a deep examination of our identity put under the light of a microscope? Finally, what is the degree of trust that we can grant to others in society? Especially when you never really know who you’re dealing with.

Tom Rhys Harries: One of the messages is the intrusion of social networks in our lives and the danger this entails for our security and our identity. It’s amazing how your life can go to hell with this or that social media post.

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