Superpapa on TF1: Movie Starring Michaël Youn and Jenifer Worth It?

This Monday evening, TF1 is broadcasting a new Christmas TV film, called “Superpapa”. We tell you what we thought of this romantic comedy carried by Michaël Youn and Jenifer.

What is it about ?

Michaël Youn plays the character of Christophe, a very (too) protective daddy since the death of his wife, four years previously. When Christophe is informed of a withdrawal among the parents who are accompanying his son Victor’s (Gabriel Diefenthal) snow class trip, he jumps at the opportunity to join in, much to the dismay of his 15-year-old son, but also from Marina (Jenifer), the SVT teacher adored by the students. Christophe is reassured to be able to watch over his son during this school trip. Until the day when a strange gift falls upon him: Christophe can now hear the thoughts of teenagers, including those of his son. He will then very quickly become disillusioned…

Superpapa on TF1
Superpapa on TF1

Who is it with?

With Superpapa, the TF1 audience finds two familiar faces from headline fiction: Michaël Youn and Jenifer.

In 2018, the singer landed the leading role in Traqués, a TV film with Joffrey Platel (already seen in Tomorrow Belongs to Us). The following year, she was one of the headliners of the mini-series Le temps est assassin, alongside Mathilde Seigner, Grégory Fitoussi, and Fred Testot.

For his part, Michaël Youn has already played several secondary characters for TF1 fiction, such as in The Red Bracelets (2018), The Day I Burned My Heart (2018), A French Affair (2021), Fugueuse (2021 ), or Don’t Abandon Me (2021). Superpapa will thus be his first main role in a headline fiction.

Michaël Youn and Jenifer will not be the only known faces to share the poster. The cast of the romantic comedy includes Virginie Hocq, Ludovik, Juliette Mabilat (Tomorrow belongs to us), and Mamadou Haidara (Lupin).

Finally, note: two children of stars land their first major role thanks to Superpapa, namely Gabriel Diefenthal, son of Frédéric Diefenthal and Gwendoline Hamon (Cassandre), and Mitty Hazanavicius, daughter of Serge Hazanavicius and Axelle Laffont.

It’s worth checking out ?

Accustomed to essentially American Christmas TV films on our screens, the broadcast, something rare, of a 100% French production, next Monday, November 13 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, inevitably caught our attention. La un Christmas in 2018, Love at first sight in Saint Petersburg in 2019…).

With Superpapa, one might believe, at first glance, that the TV movie is content to rely on a large cast and magnificent natural landscapes as a setting. But if this obviously plays a big part in the appeal of fiction, Superpapa manages to demonstrate that there is much more behind it, like the mini-series Les Randonneuses (TF1) broadcast earlier this year.

Certainly, the story is a bit conventional, some gags a bit clumsy, and some characters quite caricatured. At the same time, this is also what makes Christmas TV movies so charming.

Superpapa can especially count here on the solid interpretation of Michaël Youn, unbearable as a suffocating daddy in the first half of the TV film, before revealing himself to be touching in the second half. A performance which, incidentally, carries the TV film without overshadowing the rest of the cast, who also have the opportunity to show what they are capable of.

Superdad even manages, at times, to surprise us by not embracing all the codes and clichés of American Christmas TV films. Not everything revolves, for example, around the classic love story between two white, straight people. Here, several forms of love are represented within the same fiction: between two romantic partners, between a parent and their child, between man and woman, between two women, between young people, between adults, or even between people of different colors. different skin. Note, in passing, that the lesbian couple formed by Aïcha (Louna Robin) and Anne-Charlotte (Colombe Ducrot) is shown as being the most stable and affectionate couple, a rare representation in fiction, and all the more in a Christmas TV movie.

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Despite all these intrigues under the sign of love, Superpapa does not fall into an outpouring of good feelings but is simply comforting. On the one hand, because a lot of humor is also infused throughout the fiction. And on the other hand, because the TV film shows often budding loves, in all the fragility, modesty and awkwardness which characterize two people who turn around and learn to tame each other. Light, romantic stories that don’t try to make us believe in Prince Charming or the great love story of a lifetime.

In a scene, which talks about parents but which could also talk about others in a more general way, Lola (Mitty Hazanavicius) sums up this moral very well by saying: “Stop: parents, whether they’re Rebeus, Renois, Cathos, whatever you want, they don’t understand anything, ok? They’re parents, they don’t see us as we are, they know nothing about us and they don’t know what we feel. So you don’t want to stop worrying for two seconds and enjoy your love story?” And yes, what are we waiting for?

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