Superman & Lois on TF1: who are Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, the performers of…

TF1 is launching “Superman and Loïs” this evening, its new event series which revisits the story of Superman with family sauce. The opportunity to take an interest in the career of its two main actors: Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf”) and Elizabeth Tulloch.

Hero of many adaptations on the small and big screen, Superman has been embodied over the decades by george reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routhand Henry Cavill.

Since 2016, he has the features of Tyler Hoechlinwho first took on the costume for the purposes of Supergirl on the American channel The CW. Before inheriting his own series last year.

Broadcast for the first time on French television this Tuesday evening on TF1, Superman & Lois focuses on the married life of Clark Kent, alias the Man of Steel, and his wife Lois Lane, who leave Metropolis to return to settle in Smallville, on the Kent farm, where they intend to raise their children. two teenage sons, Jonathan and Jordan, away from the bustle of the city. What about Lex Luthor-esque super villains?

Very well done, both visually and script-wise., Superman & Lois is cut out to appeal to fans of superhero films and series, but also to fans of teen dramas and more family stories. And the whole thing owes a lot to its lead performers, Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch who, in spite of a nice filmography one and the other, still remain relatively unknown to the general public.

Superman Lois on TF1 who are Tyler Hoechlin and

Tyler Hoechlin, the werewolf turned superhero

Now 34, Tyler Hoechlin landed his first major role in 2001, at the age of only 14, in the film The Paths of Perdition of Sam Mendesin which he plays the son of the character of Tom Hanks.

After this first successful trial, the young actor is really revealed to the general public two years later thanks to the series 7 at homewhich he joined as a regular in season 8, as Martin Brewer.

Present in the last four seasons of the series which launched the career of Jessica BielTyler Hoechlin then continues his little way with appearances in CSI: Miami Where Castlebefore getting the role of werewolf Derek Hale in Teen Wolfwho became a real phenomenon in terms of the fan community and brought another dimension to his career.

On the cinema side, Tyler Hoechlin distinguished himself in 2016 in the film Everybody Wants Some of Richard Linklater and also participates in a small role in the last part of the saga Fifty Shades of grey in 2018. But it is again on the small screen that he lands the most important role of his young career: that of Superman.

First in a few episodes of Supergirl, then in crossovers with other Arrowverse series (Arrow, Flash, batman, Legends of Tomorrow) which then allow him to give the reply for the first time to Elizabeth Tulloch, alias Loïs Lane. With whom he now wears Superman & Lois.

But let Teen Wolf fans be reassured: despite his busy schedule (a season 3 of the adventures of Superman is on the way), Tyler Hoechlin will resume his role as Derek in the movie Teen Wolfwhich recently wrapped filming and will arrive in the coming months on the Paramount+ platform.

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From Grimm to Superman & Lois, there is only one step for Elizabeth Tulloch

Also known as Bitsie Tulloch, Elizabeth Tulloch began her career with small roles in series such as To the White House, Cold Caseand Dr House. Present in 2008 in the credits of the film Harassed with Samuel L. Jackson, she then stood out in 2011 in the film by Michel Hazanavicius The Artistin which she lends her features to Norma, facing Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejoand John Goodman.

Series enthusiasts, they know it mainly for the fantasy series Grimmwhich allows her to take on two different roles from 2011 to 2017: that of Juliette Silverton first, during the first four seasons, then that of the mysterious Eve for seasons 5 and 6.

It was on the set of this series that she met David Giuntoli (A Million Little Things), who will become her husband in the city.

After Grimm ended in 2017, she joined the Arrowverse in the coveted role of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. And therefore becomes the star of the series Superman & Lois, launched across the Atlantic in February 2021 on The CW and whose second season has recently ended.

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