Supergirl on Serieclub: by the way, how does it end?

While Série Club is broadcasting the last two episodes of the final season of “Supergirl” this Saturday evening, find out how the series worn by Melissa Benoist ends.

Supergirl on serieclub: by the way, how does it end?

After 6 years of good and loyal service, Supergirl is preparing to save planet Earth one last time this Saturday evening from 9 p.m. on Série Club. Launched on The CW in 2015, Melissa Benoist revealed on Instagram that the series would end at the end of its sixth season in September 2020, a few weeks before the start of filming for the new burst of episodes.

An early announcement which gave the screenwriters the opportunity to offer a worthy end to the super heroine. This two-episode finale is marked by a wedding, many returns from cult characters and above all, a big revelation that will change Kara’s life forever…

The final fight

Formerly on the same side, Nyxly (Peta Sergeant) and Lex (Jon Cryer) now compete on the streets of National City. As they both possess shards of the AllStone, the energy of their battle drains each of the totem’s elements – hope, love, dreams, truth, destiny, humanity, and courage – from the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Kara then realizes that her mission, noble as it is, has many flaws. “We don’t need to be heroes“, she explains to her Super Friends. “We need to be allies.”

Thanks to Brainy’s skills (jesse rath) and Lena’s magical powers (Katie McGrath), Supergirl manages to restore hope to humanity, and thus to drain the powers of Lex and Nyxly.

With the fight finally fair, the two villains call in Season 1’s Red Tornado and Overgirl, Supergirl’s evil alter ego in Crisis on Earth-X. Meanwhile, the Super Friends ask Mon-El for help (Chris Wood), Winn Schott (jeremy jordan), and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) to support them in this final battle.

In a final twist, Lex opens a portal to the Phantom Zone and threatens to banish the Super Friends if they don’t hand over their piece of the AllStone. Unfortunately for him and Nyxly, the ghosts are drawn to Lex’s pride (which was hiding his fear) and take the two villains instead of our heroes.

A beautiful tribute

After the sudden death of William (Staz Nair) in the previous episode, this finale this time takes the time to pay homage to the character. Our heroes gather for his funeral, the occasion for Andrea (Julie Gonzalo) to announce, thanks to a moving speech, the opening of a school of journalism in his honor.

The long-awaited wedding

We had to wait for the last episode of Supergirl to finally witness the union between Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Kelly (Azie Tesfai). And the writers did not do things by halves to celebrate the event. On the program of the festivities: Eliza told Alex how proud she was, Nia collected the bouquet (suggesting that a happy ending with Brainy is still possible), Kara and Winn embarked on a memorable karaoke session and J’ onn officiated the moving ceremony.

To conclude this unforgettable evening, Alex and Kelly revealed that they had chosen Lena as Esme’s godmother.

A surprise reunion

Fans were also treated to a very good surprise by watching this last episode of Supergirl since Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) has signed its big comeback.

After announcing her acquisition of CatCo, she offers Kara the position of editor-in-chief in order to revive the newspaper. It’s time, she says, to highlight the stories that deserve to be told. A return that also allows Kara to free herself from a weight…

An identity crisis

Since the start of Supergirl, Kara has always struggled to come to terms with her double life. The writers therefore took advantage of this last episode to finally put an end to this internal conflict which is eating away at her. While the young woman decides to refuse Cat’s proposal, the latter calls her to reveal to her that she always knew that she was actually Supergirl. Better still, she encourages him to assume his true identity.

After an emotional discussion with Lena, Kara makes the decision to stop hiding. She then authorizes Cat Grant to stage her “coming out” of superheroine in the eyes of the whole world, allowing her to finally live her life as she sees fit.

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