Super Mario: several films in preparation by the creators of Minions?  - Cinema News

Super Mario: several films in preparation by the creators of Minions? – Cinema News

We knew that an animated film dedicated to Super Mario Bros was going to see the light of day. Today, the President of Nintendo said that he is in the process of developing a franchise with Illumination Studios.


28 years after the live film Super Mario Bros carried by Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo, a new film dedicated to the famous Italian plumbers will see the light of day.

Nintendo and the Illumination animation studios, to which we owe the franchise, Ugly Me, The Minions and All on Stage, would like to develop not one, but several films inspired by the Super Mario Bros. video game.

This is what Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa suggests in a statement relayed by Slashfilm:

“Animation, in general, is something we’re looking at, and not just with this franchise. While there are more and more ways to expand the universe of our games, we are very cautious about it. where and how our content is licensed We don’t deploy our characters and universes for the sole purpose of increasing audience exposure.

[Tout projet] must ensure that the results are true to player experiences, and that they will never prevent Nintendo developers from creating another unique game featuring the same characters. “

As expected, Nintendo should therefore develop other animated films based on its games while remaining cautious and not developing anything.

It must be said that the company was scalded by the dismal failure of the live adaptation Super Mario Bros. in 1993. Nintendo has today decided to “take seriously the optimization of the creativity, the quality and the “nintendo” character of its presence outside the games“.

No other information has yet filtered out on the first animated Mario Bros. movie, but it should be ready for 2022.

Rediscover the 1993 film trailer

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