Where to find the Ghost Medal in Super Mario RPG

one of the best aspects of super mario rpg As an RPG it is so beginner friendly. You don’t have a lot of stats to manage, and your weapons and equipment are mostly linear upgrades apart from a few secrets. Accessories are some of the most interesting ways you can customize your party, allowing you to add unique features. The Ghost Medal is one of the strongest of these. But it is hidden in a hidden corner of the game. This is no time to take a nap, so let’s see how to get the Ghost Medal super mario rpg,

how to get ghost medal

Mario lies in bed surrounded by ghosts.

The Ghost Medal can be found once you reach Monstro Town, which is a great way to enter the game. Once here, enter the house directly to the right of the Item Shop, turn off the mushroom light and rest on the bed. While sleeping, the Three Musty Fears will appear around Mario and give him clues as to where their flags are. By collecting them all, you’ll earn this accessory. Here’s where to find them:

  • The first is long before the game’s debut on Mario Pad. Go inside his house and look under his bed.
  • The other one is in Rose Town. It’s right behind the welcome sign at the entrance.
  • Finally, go to Yoster Isle and check the GOAL sign at the end of the racetrack.

Once you’ve collected all the flags, go back to the bed in Monstro Town once again and rest again. When the Three Musty Fears reappear, they will reward you with a Ghost Medal that will halve all incoming damage.

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