All secret exits in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

All secret exits in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

most of your time super mario bros wonderThe colorful and vibrant levels are spent collecting flower coins and finding fun power-ups that can help you eliminate enemies, but there are also some hidden secrets to discover. Most notably, you’ll want to keep an eye out for secret exits that can reveal some very exciting new things to enjoy.

It has a total of seven secret exits super mario bros wonder, and if you want to find each of them, look no further than our list below. Of course, you’ll want to play the levels in their entirety if you want to find all the badges and medals in the game.

Piranha Plants on Parade (World 1)

Mario is standing on top of a pipe in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To access the secret exit in the Piranha Plants in the Parade, continue through the level until you reach the section where you see a rock with three pipes sticking out of you, each in a different direction. Are in. If you got the stage’s Wonder Flower, it is located just above the Wonder Seed location when auto-scrolling ends.

There will be three ascending pipes on your right, so climb them and go to the colored music blocks. Head left and use these blocks to hoist yourself over the three pipes on the ceiling. In this new area there is a red pipe that will take you to a new location. When you exit the red pipe, run forward and enter the green pipe to lead to the secret exit flag pole. This exit will open a green pipe that will take you to a familiar friend.

Bullrush is coming! (world 1)

Mario is standing on clouds in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To reach the secret exit in Bullrush Coming Through, make your way through the level until you pass a checkpoint and pass a block above you that is glowing and has a wonderful flower in it. Just ahead of this there is a Bullrush enemy moving a few blocks onto the ground. Let him attack you, then jump on his back and ride him until he breaks the block containing the Wonder Flower.

Once you’re in the middle of the Wonder Effect, ride the Stampede. This will break the first flagpole and eventually leave you on some clouds with an amazing seed. Grab it, then go to your right to find the (very tall) secret exit flag pole.

Bullrush Express (World 1)

Mario standing near a Wonder Seed in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To access the secret exit in Bullrush Express, first make sure you bring along an Elephant Fruit which you can use at the end of the level. Go through the level normally through the catacombs until you reach the Wonder Seed next to the red pipe leading up. Use your Elephant Fruit here, then blast through the blocks on your right and enter the yellow pipe here. Ride the lone bulrush in this next area to reach the secret exit flag pole. You’ll get a third Wonder Seed for your efforts.

Outmave Valley (World 2)

Mario the elephant stands on a block of ice in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

This is another secret exit that requires you to complete the level’s Wonder Effect. To reach the secret exit in Outmave Valley, proceed through the normal level until you reach a point with two yellow pipes in the background, with a large ice block just to the right of them. Tap the block on the ground to destroy it, then tap the glowing spot directly on the ground to bring out the Wonder Flower.

This will cause the ground beneath you to roll forward for a long time, eventually hitting the standard flagpole. Eventually, you’ll be left with a Wonder Seed, and a little further from this point you’ll find the secret exit flagpole. Note that you will have to replay the level without obtaining the Wonder Seed to get the normal exit.

The Secret of the Showa Mansion (World 4)

The elephant Mario stands a few blocks away in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To reach the secret exit in Secret of the Showa Mansion, go through the level as usual and go through the checkpoint. Right after the room where you have to push some blocks around to make a door, you’ll be left in an area with tall green blocks. Defeat Showa here, then look to your right for a small pit that contains some brown blocks that you can destroy with Ground Pound. Do this, then push the long green block into the hole. This will open a yellow pipe that you can enter to be taken to a new section. Here, run to the right and enter another yellow pipe to lead to the secret exit flag pole.

Where the Rarumbas Rule (World 6)

Mario drills into the ceiling in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To reach the secret exit in Rarumba’s Rule, proceed through the level, making sure you have access to the drill power-up. Eventually you’ll come to a place with a very high cliff and a lot of brown blocks to the right of it. Drill into the ceiling here and go over the high rock, then proceed through the small path to your right while still in the ceiling. On the other hand, apply pressure to the rock here to create a domino effect and destroy the gray blocks, giving you access to the green pipe. Take the pipe to a new area of ​​the level with the secret exit flag pole.

This exit will open a new path in Deep Magma Bog, which will take you to the Spin Jump II Badge Challenge.

hot hot hot! (world 6)

Mario is standing near some hot blocks in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

It’s like a platforming gauntlet, so you might want to equip the floating jump badge for it. Hot-hot hot! To reach the secret exit, go through the level until you pass the checkpoint. You will enter an area where the entire ground is made of hot blocks. Keep going until you reach a vertical tower, where you can climb to the top by jumping on hot blocks (the block path on the right is the easiest way to climb up).

When the two hot blocks to the left of the top of the tower cool down, run across them and jump at the last second to reach another platform surrounded by hot blocks in the sky to your left. Jump across two more stone platforms until you reach the clouds. Touch the flower and it will generate a series of coins on your left that will lead to another flower. Jump into that flower and it will create a small purple spark which you can move back to the left until it eventually transforms into a door. This takes you to an apparently neat secret area where you simply make your way to the right to find the secret exit flag pole. Find this exit and you’ll unlock another alternate route in the overworld map of Deep Magma Bog.


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