Suicide Squad on TF1: Jared Leto fully in his role of Joker, Will Smith impressed …

Suicide squad on tf1: jared leto fully in his role of joker, will smith impressed...

While the feature film “Suicide Squad” is broadcast this Sunday evening on TF1, a look back at the extraordinary involvement of Jared Leto in the role of the Joker. An involvement that aroused the admiration of Will Smith.

The Suicide Squad of 2016, broadcast this Sunday evening on TF1, is notably marked by the astonishing performance of Jared Leto as Joker. The American actor, famous for his physical transformations on the screen (Chapter 27, Dallas Buyers Club or the next House of Gucci), was again involved as never before, this time for the role of the iconic bad- guy.

“I started at the beginning, I documented myself, I did research, read as much as I could, I went back to the source of the character”, declared the actor in 2016, at the Entertainment Weekly microphone. “And at a certain point, I knew I had to stop it. Because the Joker has redefined himself, reinvented himself so many times. “

And Jared Leto to reveal to have met real psychopaths to better understand the character. “I have met experts, psychiatrists confronted with psychopaths and people who have committed horrible crimes”, he says.

“And then I spent time with these people, people who were interned for long periods”, continues the actor. “I imagine that when you take on a role, whatever it is, you become a bit of a detective, or a writer. For me, this is my favorite moment, the moment of discovery, where you reveal, you build a character. It’s a lot of fun to do. “

Will Smith, who plays the character of Deadshot in Suicide Squad, was very impressed with Jared Leto’s involvement. An involvement such that the two actors have never met in several months of filming. “We worked together for six months and we never exchanged a single word outside of the period that goes from ‘Action’ to ‘Cut’, Will Smith said during the promotion of the film. “I literally haven’t met him yet. (…) He was all about his Joker character.”

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