Suicide Squad on TF1: is a third film planned?

Suicide squad on tf1: is a third film planned?

Broadcast tonight on TF1, Suicide Squad has already had a sequel / reboot, currently in theaters. But could the team return for a third film? We tell you everything.

Directed by David Ayer and released in 2016, Suicide Squad had been bullied by critics but still grossed $ 746.8 million worldwide. A completely honest score which had confirmed Warner in his decision to follow up the adventures of the team of villains.

A second episode which will be long overdue and which has not at all taken the form of a classic sequel. James Gunn was thus recruited to succeed Ayer behind the camera and the studio gave him carte blanche to create the feature film he wanted.

The filmmaker then separated from many characters of the first film, keeping for his The Suicide Squad (released in theaters on July 28) only Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman).

And unlike its predecessor, Gunn’s feature film has received rather good reviews from the press and the public. On the other hand, it turns out to be a big disappointment at the box office. What make it difficult to decide whether or not to follow up …

A third Suicide Squad is in any case for the moment not part of the films officially in development on the side of Warner. On the other hand, one of the characters of the second opus, Peacemaker played by John Cena, has obtained his own spin-off series, which will be broadcast in 2022 on HBO Max!


However, James Gunn is not closed to the idea of ​​finding his anti-heroes in a new adventure. “I have ideas”, He assured to Entertainment Weekly before specifying: “If I do a sequel, it won’t be ‘Hey, let’s assemble another team and do this!’. It will have to be really different.

At the microphone of Entertainment Tonight, the filmmaker even sketched the possibility of “take someone from The Suicide Squad and do something with it individually, or take two or something like that“. And to move forward:

I have all kinds of ideas and we talk about them all the time. I don’t feel like I’m done with this universe of villains yet.

What is also certain is that the president of DC Films is also totally open to a new collaboration. “Gunn is always welcome, whatever he wants to do. He really has a vision and he’s a great partner for us. No matter when he wants to come back, we are ready to welcome him“, declared Walter Hamada to Hollywood Reporter.

And to add, just to make the fans’ mouths water: “He will come back. We have other things planned.” To be continued !

The Suicide Squad trailer:

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