Suicide Squad: David Ayer looks back on the chaotic post-production of his film – teller report

Director David Ayer looks back on the chaotic post-production of his 2016 “Suicide Squad,” and confirms that Warner took the film away from him and that the version known to the public is not his.

The Suicide Squad has been showing in French theaters since yesterday and the author of the first film, David Ayer, has tweeted a long text returning to the difficulties he encountered on the set of his Suicide Squad in 2016:

“I put my life in Suicide Squad”, he says, “I did something incredible. My version is a complex and moving journey of ‘evil-minded people’ to be … ched on and rejected (a theme that resonates with me).”

The final cut is from the studio, not mine. Read that carefully. My edit is not the director’s cut, which is a mature version signed by Lee Smith [l’un des monteurs] based on the incredible work of John Gilroy [le chef monteur].

If Ayer has detailed that none of the versions in circulation are his, he has however teased the public what it contains (even if he will never see it):

“[Ma version] is accompanied by the superb soundtrack by Steven Price, without any radio songs in it. On the other hand, it has character narrative arcs, incredible performances, a solid final resolution. If someone tells you that they saw it, they are lying. “

Suicide squad: david ayer looks back on the chaotic post-production of his film - teller report

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David Ayer in 2014

Fans had been clamoring for a Suicide Squad “Ayer Cut” for a few years as Zack Snyder had the opportunity to deliver his version of Justice League after the failed one completed in its place by Joss Whedon. We have to face the facts, Ayer no longer seems to want to release “his” Suicide Squad:

“I never told my side of the story and I never will. I honor my contracts. I’m from the old school, that’s how it is. I keep quiet and I suffer the tsunami of critics, sometimes shockingly personal. Why? Because that’s what I’ve always done in my life. “

Some wondered why he had not left or had not reneged on the film when it was released, even promoting it, he also responds to them in his message: “After my children saw me come back every day heartbroken by the studio that had taken over the editing? Who would I have been if I had resigned?”

Since his post, David Ayer has received the support of Jay Hernandez, the interpreter of Diablo in the film:

“The relationship between art and commerce can be tumultuous. Knowing quite a bit of what this man has been through, how concerned he is with the art of filmmaking, it was hard to see how the saga unfolded. . I send love and support to my friend. “

Cathy Yan, director of Birds of Prey, also commented:

“Glad you’re telling the truth, David.”

Ayer ends by saying hello to the whole crew of the new DC franchise film directed by James Gunn, who also showed his support. The Suicide Squad is currently in theaters:

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