Western doctors Darfur, the State Committee reported Tuesday that at least 130 people were injured.

On Monday and Tuesday showed videos posted Geneina town from burning tires.

The report by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) said Tuesday that “shooting is still heard through the town. The local power station was destroyed yesterday, and there is no electricity. The Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission in the West neighbors were told Darfur Chad fleeing.

The fighting broke out over the weekend and Rizeigat Arab Masala between the groups.

On the first day Monday of the Security report may be seen by CNN it is “unknown number of armed Arab plot three shots in groups of three Masala entering Geneina God.”

On Monday, the Sudanese government declared a state of emergency in that space, and yet come together.

Sudan Facts

A Norwegian Refugee Council, which is active in Darfur, said Monday it deplored ‘the terrible intercommunal violence raging around the city of Geneina in West Darfur, including the use of explosive weapons in civilian areas. Score wounded. We look to the government to restore law and order. “

Or, when public support for its site CNN dead but still dark uprising resumed Tuesday around noon. The state said that Sudanese security forces initially did not intervene when violence spread Monday.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir ousted in a 1989 a trial begins

A year after the peacekeepers were withdrawn from the country of the covenant of the united were among a group of the United Nations peace – the peace of the congregation, which belong to the Juba have – October at last reached their destination. Sed publica quoque per auxilium rhoncus tincidunt eros dictum est turbulentissumo factum per quod “Arabum tribuum se habet, ut, staturus eo imperio et legis iura inter et in terra pax agnoscis quod plurimum facere videntur invito. ‘

Similar clashes in January claimed more than 160 lives, according to official estimates.

The European Union’s mission in Sudan Tweeted Monday: “Even the wounded were killed and dozens of citizens who are in #ElGeneina, West Darfur. The houses also appeared to be in pain, once restored and injured, more than six months after the signature #JPA”.

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