Such a great sun: “Marc will grieve in his own way” according to César Méric

Such a great sun: "marc will grieve in his own way" according to césar méric

Between Jacques’ suicide attempt and Myriam’s death, we can say that fate is hounding Marc Mourre in Un si grand soleil. César Méric, his interpreter, confided in our microphone on the continuation of this shock intrigue.

Allociné: It’s been a few months since you joined the cast of Un si grand soleil, what attracted you to the role of Marc?

Cesar Meric : Marc has just arrived in the series, he is granted a kind of past as a photographer adventurer. I found it nice. And then I found it interesting that he was the father of a sixteen-year-old boy. I wouldn’t have imagined that. I have a twelve-year-old daughter and I find it already quite dizzying, so a sixteen-year-old son (laughs). In fact, a lot of things were taken into account, especially the possibility of working on a role over time.

We imagine that there may be some apprehension when integrating a family as large as that of Un si grand soleil. How was your arrival on the series?

I was welcomed so well and so warmly that I integrated very easily. It’s a great team frankly. Whether on the technical or artistic side. They are really great people. I wasn’t expecting that at all so I was seduced quite quickly. My apprehension was a little on the train but on arrival everything went well.

How did you react when you learned what the screenwriters had in store for the character of Myriam (Pauline Paolini)?

I was very afraid for my character selfishly. I had no illusions about what happened next. I had just arrived so I thought it was going to stop for me too. If it stopped for Myriam, I didn’t see what they were going to do with Marc. Apparently they figured out what to do with my character. Marc now has a family, a father, an ex-wife, a son. They built us a little clan and it’s really nice.

So the Mourre family is destined to stay in the long term despite Myriam’s death?

I don’t want to go ahead but for the moment on paper yes.

How will Marc cope with the death of Myriam and who will he be able to count on in this difficult ordeal?

He will grieve in his own way. He is going to fall from a very high place because he, who no longer thought he loved, saw himself falling madly in love. It will be very hard for him but he will climb the slope thanks to his entourage. Thanks to Rabier above all, his boss at the Midi Libre who is very considerate and protective of him. Of course, he will manage, but it will be laborious.

How will Marc react when he learns that his son may be guilty of Myriam’s death?

He’s going to be completely blown away. He won’t want to believe it and will ask himself a lot of questions. Marc has a somewhat mute side. He lives his misfortune introspectively so as not to hurt those around him. But as long as he doesn’t know the truth, he’s going to have it very badly.

Will Marc investigate to understand what happened?

No, it’s going to get to his ears at some point. Everything will be resolved and he will understand what happened by the words around him. He’s not really going to search, he’s going to observe and listen to what’s going on.

Relations between Marc and Louis are not really looking good at the moment…

It is complicated. Marc loves his son very much and he is very protective. But it is true that it is quite tumultuous. This is the age when Louis is in full rebellion and when he has no self-confidence. In addition, with all the misunderstandings that there will be, it will be a bit chaotic.

Will this ordeal ultimately bring them together or, on the contrary, push them apart?

It’ll bring them closer when Marc finds out what really happened. In fact, it’s a misunderstanding that will lead him to suspect his son of having made a big mistake.

We can say that Marc really does not have it easy at the moment. If he lives a terrible drama with the death of Myriam, he must also face the coma of his father. How will he react when he discovers that Léonor is responsible for Jacques’ attempted suicide?

It will come out of its hinges. You will discover a Marc who has a voice and a strong personality too (laughs).

What do you hope for the future of your character?

For the moment I let myself be carried away a little. I discover little by little what the scriptwriters envisage for this character. What I would like is for him to get over it already and for more cool things to happen to him (laughs). I would like Marc to express himself a bit. I would like him to do some extreme sport to get out of his confusion. And then, with Myriam, there was a bit of this story where he told her that he wasn’t as audacious and reckless as her. After his death, I tell myself that he will have to pull himself together a bit and think about all that. Maybe he’s going to step out of his comfort zone a bit. That, I would like and then that he has good news too (laughs).

Do you have other projects apart from the series?

I’m starting shooting in October for the next film by Melanie Laurent which is due out next year on Netflix.

Interview by telephone on August 18, 2022.

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