Such a big sun in advance: summary of Wednesday August 24, 2022 [SPOILERS] at the…

Such a big sun in advance: summary of wednesday august 24, 2022 [spoilers] at the...

In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”… While Alex finds an old acquaintance on his way, Élise remains perplexed by the profile of their young victim. Christophe has a new sidekick to work with.

Jade has an alibi

Although not on the case, Alex continues to investigate Miriam’s death. He goes to the campsite and bumps into Jade, who is about to leave for work. He then asks her what she was doing the night Myriam lost her life.

The young woman repeats to him what she told her colleagues, namely that she was in a massage institute. But the policeman refuses to believe that she had nothing to do with the burglary and the sum to come with him, which she refuses to do. Alex then takes her forcefully by the arm and forces her to follow him despite Ludo’s protests.

At the police station, Alex leads alone the interrogation of Jade who continues to claim her innocence. The policeman loses his temper and gets angry with the young woman. That’s when Manu, who followed the interrogation behind one-way glass, intervenes to get Alex out of the room to ask him for an explanation.

Alex is convinced that Jade is linked to Miriam’s death. Manu tries to demonstrate to his colleague and friend that his theory is implausible. He is convinced that Jade would not have been hired under her own name to commit a burglary two days later. Manu then asks Alex to drop the case and let him investigate. The policeman then releases Jade and apologizes to her.

The next day, Louis visits his father because he does not answer his calls. Marc tells him that he doesn’t have the strength to go back to work. The teenager, who noticed the presence of an empty bottle of alcohol on the coffee table, decides to stay with his father.

Louis confides in him that he is sorry for everything that happened. Unaware that his son was at the scene of the tragedy, Marc tries to reassure him by telling him that he had nothing to do with it. And since he doesn’t want his son to see him in this state, he asks Louis to go back to his mother. After he leaves, Marc collapses.

For her part, Claire receives a call from Victor who wishes to support her and offers her his condolences. The young woman is cold and quickly dismisses him because she has to go to the police station. On the spot, Lieutenant Cross questions him about the tensions that arose after Jacques Mourre’s accident. Claire explains to him that Louis was angry with Myriam for what had happened to his grandfather, but she dismisses the idea that he could have taken revenge.

Leonor feels that her son is hiding something from her and she encourages him to confide. As she took her son’s belongings to put them in the wash, she smelled gasoline. Louis explains to him that he made a fire on the beach with Kira and that he spilled lighter fluid on him. He continues to assure her that he is not hiding anything.

At the police station, Manu informs Alex that they checked Jade’s alibi and that she was indeed at the massage institute at the time of the events. Even though they have CCTV footage to prove it, Alex refuses to believe she’s innocent. He remains convinced that she is manipulating them. Manu summons his friend to drop the case and swears to him that he will find the culprit.

Investigation into Teddy’s murder stagnates

Élise and Akim, who are continuing their investigation into Teddy’s assassination, question Eva and Patrice, where the young man had been working for a few months. They are also very surprised to learn of his death. They describe Teddy as a sweet and serious kid. They were even considering offering him a permanent contract. Patrice explains to the investigators that Teddy informed them by text message that he was resigning. Since then, they have not seen him again.

But Eva and Patrice are hiding things from the two investigators. Patrice is indeed ill and has an appointment at the hospital. His exams reveal that he has a kidney aneurysm that requires him to be operated on very quickly. But he has to go to Spain for work next week and asks Alain to prescribe him painkillers.

The doctor explains to him that if he does not operate, he risks a rupture of the artery and that the drugs will then be of no use to him. Dr. Alphand is frank: without an operation, he will die. But Patrice, who cannot postpone his professional appointment, decides to take the risk.

For their part, Elise and Akim take stock of the investigation: Teddy would have taken a stray bullet. The young woman’s informant also informed them that dealers from outside want to sell drugs in the city. A gang war is to be feared. They must therefore find those responsible as soon as possible.

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