Such a big sun in advance: summary of Tuesday, August 23, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Such a big sun in advance summary of Tuesday August

In the next episode of “Un si grand soleil”… Elisabeth returns home in a panic after having cut short her vacation and Alex is ready to do anything to find the culprit. Léonor, on the other hand, worries above all for her son.

Elisabeth and Claire devastated by the death of Myriam

Following the death of Myriam, Elisabeth and Alain cut short their weekend and return in disaster to Montpellier. A taxi commanded by Alain awaits them at the airport. Confused, the businesswoman refuses to go home to rest and wants to go immediately to L Cosmetiques. She can’t realize that Myriam is dead. Alain tries to comfort her.

Arriving at L Cosmétiques, Elisabeth delivers a moving speech to the employees. In tears, she pays tribute to the brilliant woman that was Myriam. One employee is particularly affected by this tragedy, it is Laurent Berthier. He sees Myriam again, bathed in his blood. Bilal and Enric come to see him to support him. The latter advises him to take a day or two off and talk to a professional.

For her part, Claire is devastated. Miriam was his best friend. Florent, who doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to go to work, suggests that she take a few days off and also suggests that they both take a break in order to get together. But she’s not up to it. Florent worries about his companion: Claire doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep and she doesn’t speak either.

He would like her to talk to him about her feelings and her grief. But Claire is unaware of precisely what she feels. She can’t understand why her best friend is gone overnight. In his eyes, it doesn’t make sense. Claire breaks down in tears in Florent’s arms. Once in the hospital, Claire breaks down once again and then confides in Yasmine that she has lost her best friend. She advises her to go home, but the doctor refuses.

Later, Claire and Elisabeth reunite to support each other. Claire does not understand what happened and does not realize that Myriam is no longer there. Elisabeth, for her part, deplores having damaged her relationship with the young woman before the tragedy. She will never forgive herself.

Claire tries to reassure her by explaining to her that Myriam did not consider her only as a friend, but also as her mentor. She was admiring and grateful for everything she had been able to teach him.

Alex, ready to do anything to find the culprit

For his part, Alex is pissed off. He does not understand why he was excluded from the investigation into Myriam’s death. Julie tries to calm him down and advises him to trust his colleagues, the main thing being that the culprit be arrested. But Alex is on edge and gets angry. The young woman has never seen him in this state. He ends up apologizing to her.

At the police station, Manu and Yann, who are in charge of the investigation into Myriam’s death, make a point with Becker. The autopsy report confirms the initial findings. The young woman impaled herself on a piece of wood. One of his kidneys was perforated which created a hemorrhage.

She bled to death before help arrived. For the police, Myriam’s death is not an accident. They suspect a burglary gone wrong. 200 tubes of creams were stolen for a loss amounting to 8000€.

But they don’t understand why boxes have been soaked in gasoline. Lieutenant Cross hypothesizes that someone had a grudge against L Cosmetics and wanted to set it on fire. As there is no trace of the break-in, Becker wonders if the culprit would not have wanted it personally at Myriam.

As the murder investigation continues, Yann and Manu question Myriam’s relatives as well as some employees. They question Enric in particular, who explains to them that he double-locked the warehouse around 8 p.m., like every day.

But he is not the only one to have access to the keys and offers to provide Yann with a list of names. For his part, Manu questions Louis and Marc. He also asks the latter what was the nature of his relationship with Myriam and where he was on the evening of his death.

Alex, who cannot bring himself to sit idly by, finds Manu. He asks him not to investigate on his side. He assures him that he will keep him informed of the progress of the investigation. But that’s misunderstanding Alex.

The young man will indeed wait for Manu to leave his office to look at the files without his knowledge. He then observes the photos of the employees of L Cosmétiques and discovers with amazement that Jade is the company’s assistant accountant.

Leonor is worried

At the tennis club, Kira meets Léonor, who is worried about Louis. The young man has been closing in on himself for a few days. She asks him when she last saw him. Kira lies to him and explains to him that they went to the cinema, then went for a walk the evening of Myriam’s death. Léonor tries to dig but the young girl remains evasive.

Kira later finds Louis and explains to him that his mother is wondering. She tried to dodge but she is uncomfortable and urges him to tell the truth. But Louis dismisses this idea out of hand and makes sure that Kira will continue to cover for him.

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