Such a big sun in advance: summary of Monday, August 29, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Such a big sun in advance summary of Monday August

In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”… While Léonor tries to take full responsibility for her actions, Alix struggles to convince an artist to trust her. As for Claire, she plunges back into her memories…

Leonor denounces herself

The police are continuing their investigations into Myriam’s death. The investigators went back to a certain Perez. The man has already been convicted several times for concealment and burglary. It is he who resells online the creams that were stolen the evening of Myriam’s death at L Cosmétiques.

During his interrogation, he told the police that he bought the products in a store. But what he does not know is that these creams were not yet available on the market. Afraid of being wrongfully accused of homicide, Perez eventually confessed to investigators that he purchased the products from a homeless man.

Later that day, Léonor receives a call from Yann asking to see her with Louis this afternoon. Marc’s ex-wife shows up alone at the police station. Convinced that Louis is guilty of Myriam’s murder, Leonor denounces herself in his place.

For his part, Florent calls Claire. He can’t stop thinking about what she told him the night before about Kira. He would like to speak to the young girl and encourage her to tell him what she knows about Myriam’s death. Claire then asks him to wait until she is present. Kira being in love with Louis, she is afraid that the teenager will turn up her nose.

Claire then explains to her companion that he shouldn’t wait for her for dinner because she has to see a friend. In reality, she borrows an old convertible American car and immerses herself, during the trip, in her memories. She thus remembers her nocturnal outings with Myriam. Stopped at the edge of the beach, she serves two glasses of champagne: one for herself and one for her late friend.

Alix struggles to convince Ulysses

Alix’s art gallery opens for a few days. She absolutely wanted to exhibit the works of Ulysse Brunel, but the painter took her for an amateur and did not want to entrust her with his paintings. The young woman struggles to achieve her goals.

She asks for Claudine’s help. Alix would like her friend to lend her masterpieces so that she can install them in her gallery. The young woman goes so far as to ask Claudine to contact her art collector friends so that they do the same with their paintings.

Faced with her friend’s surprise, Alix explains to her that she just wants to attract potential buyers. And if someone wants to buy a work, she will make him believe that it is already sold and will offer him a canvas by his own artists. Claudine finally gives in.

A few hours later, Alix goes once again to Ulysse Brunel. She wants to submit a proposal to him but the young man refuses. That’s when Claudine calls him, as they had previously agreed. Alix then takes the call and quotes the names of known artists in front of Ulysses.

When he discovers that she is going to exhibit masterpieces, he shows interest. Alix then makes him a very interesting proposal. If he agrees to work with her, Ulysses will receive 80% of sales on the day of the opening. They will then return to a normal system, 60/40% in favor of the gallery. Ulysses wants to take the time to think about this proposal.

Alix then seeks the help of Laetitia who has become the director of the bank branch in which she was employed. She asks her friend if she can help her recover the contacts of some of her clients so that she can expand her clientele of collectors. Unfortunately, for a matter of ethics, Laetitia refuses to give him the information she requests.

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