Succession on OCS: Alexander Skarsgård joins the cast of season 3 - News Séries

Succession on OCS: Alexander Skarsgård joins the cast of season 3 – News Séries

Alexander Skarsgård, seen in “Big Little Lies” and “True Blood”, joins the cast of the third season of “Succession”, which is currently filming.


A new face in Succession! Alexander Skarsgård, known in particular for his roles in the HBO series Big Little Lies and True Blood, has joined the cast of the third season, currently filming in the New York area.

Skarsgård will play a ruthless business leader named Lukas Matsson. The precise role of the latter in the series is not yet known; remember that the second season ended with the surprise betrayal of Kendall Roy, under the astonished – almost respectful – eyes of her father Logan.

Succession features several members of the same family, desperate to get their hands on the multinational company founded by the patriarch of the clan, Logan Roy (Brian Cox), a businessman with little inclination for sentimentality. A gallery of characters as detestable as they are endearing, the series paints a vitriolic portrait of an American dynasty.

Celebrated as much for the depth of its characters as for its impactful dialogues, Succession is a multi-award-winning series: in 2020, it received the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series.

Broadcast in the United States on HBO, the series is offered to us in France exclusively for US + 24 on OCS City.

The Succession Series Trailer:

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