The crackling sounds of the grill, the sound of frying and the aroma of freshly prepared meat, Australian cuisine is a diverse menu with a rich variety of meats. From fish to beef and even kangaroo and emu meat, Australia is never short of delicious dishes. For some foodies, a real thrill Located inside a restaurant, but of course, there is more to any place than just the closed walls of an eatery on the street. And so, here we are with the best street food in Australia that you must try on your next trip!

One of the main aspects of Australian street food are the markets. Quite common in Sydney, but also located in other parts of the country, they are a kind of celebration of fresh produce and of course street food. Some markets worth visiting are the Bondi Farmers Market and King’s Cross Organic Market in Sydney.

Of all the delicacies available on the streets of Australia, some are so special that it is impossible not to mention them. Meat pie is a traditional dish, while chicory rolls are inspired by the famous spring rolls. Regardless of the origin, once you delve into these delicious dishes, everything will be forgotten! Enjoy plenty of meat and fish here, after all, this is Australian street food we’re talking about!

10 Street Food Dishes You Must Try in Australia

Although there are countless cuisines to try in Australia, here is a list of 10 dining options you must try on your next visit. To keep an eye!

1. Barbecued Snags

grilled foodgrilled food


Available at almost all street vendors across the country, the barbecued snack defines Australian food culture. With different types of meat rolled into sausages, generously doused in garlic butter and then barbecued, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most favorite snacks here!

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2. Barramundi

soft buttery meatsoft buttery meat


Soft buttery meat with crispy skin, a plate of barramundi is a perfect piece of fried fish. People often take it up a notch by dressing it up as a fish steak, but barramundi can be best enjoyed on the streets of Australia.

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3. Pigs in a Blanket

delicious meatdelicious meat


For those of you wondering what the most popular food is in Australia, Pigs in a Blanket seems to be the perfect answer! A double dose of delicious meat is what is often called a sausage. Skip the bread and load up on meat!

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4. Fish and Chips

Delicious Fish ChipsDelicious Fish Chips


Head to the beach, and the popular Australian food on the coast is good old fish and chips. With the most delicious fresh fish in its waters, this country is the best place to eat seafood. Small vendors along the beach offer delicious fish and chips in small portions, perfect for a snack!

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5. Meat Pie

different combinations of meatdifferent combinations of meat


Went to Australia and didn’t try the famous meat pies? impossible! Of all the things to eat in Australia, this is one thing that is permanent on every foodie’s bucket list. This flaky dish is filled with different combinations of meat, available as a snack or even a fancy meal. Pair it with gravy and mashed potatoes for a filling meal at a delicious restaurant, or simply grab a slice from a local vendor!

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6. John Dory Fillets

delicious fishdelicious fish


A happy resident of Australian waters, John Dory is a type of fish that is one of the much-loved Australian snacks. Often served with chips, salad, or even mashed potatoes, this on-the-go snack is delicious, especially with a drizzle of herb oil!

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7. Dagwood Dog

Crispy, topped with tomato sauceCrispy, topped with tomato sauce


Another food worth trying in Australia is Dagwood Dog. Meat on a stick, deep-fried to crisp, and topped with tomato sauce, this delicious dish is a permanent fixture on the menu at any food market, carnival, and fair.

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8. Chico Roll

Spring RollSpring Roll


Part of the Australian culture of food, chicory rolls are like spring rolls, with a variety of vegetables and beef as filling. This stuffing often varies from store to store! Since it is one of the most easily available snacks, it is the easiest option for a hungry stomach.

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9. Crab Sticks

small pieces of fishsmall pieces of fish


Contrary to its name, crab sticks are not made from crabs. Actually, small pieces of fish are dipped in batter and fried in the shape of crab legs! A fun dish especially for kids, you must come here and try it.

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10. Hamburger with beets

Crispy Beef PattyCrispy Beef Patty


While many outsiders may find it strange to include a slice of beetroot in a classic hamburger, this is what makes the Australian burger special! A crispy beef patty, soft burger buns, veggies and a slice of beetroot, it doesn’t get better than this!

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There are many more street food dishes that should have been included in this list. But here are our top favorites that you should take on your next Australian vacation with Daily Hind News!

FAQs about street food in Australia

Is the street food available in Australia the best for non-vegetarians?

Yes, most of the street food dishes are made of meat and fish. They are the best place for non-vegetarian people to taste a variety of non-vegetarian foods while visiting Australia.

What is an affordable and common staple food in Australia, which is also available from street food vendors?

You can find chicken parmigiana at most street food places. It is also a staple food of Australians.

Is kangaroo meat available at street food stalls in Australia?

Yes, kangaroo meat is one of the other meat varieties of food available in Australia. You must try grilled kangaroo as a street food in Australia. It contains Omega 3 and more protein than other meats.

Is it possible to get authentic Australian cuisine from street food vendors?

Yes, some street food vendors only serve authentic Australian dishes. Here you can taste popular meat foods made from crocodile, emu and kangaroo.

What is the popular and affordable grilled food item in Australian street food?

You must try the Barbecue Snag. It is a non-vegetarian popular and affordable grilled food item in Australian street food.

What quick foods are available for vegans from Australian street food vendors?

Vegetarians can try veg burgers, fairy bread, veggie pies and veg pizza as quick foods available for vegans from Australian street food vendors.

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