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A theory is stirring the web regarding a favorite character from Season 4 of Stranger Things. And to back it up, fans rely… on the Dungeons and Dragons game universe!

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Warning, spoilers! This article reveals key plot elements of Season 4 of Stranger Things. If you haven’t seen season 4 and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on!

You have watched season 4 of Stranger Things in full and you’ve been heartbroken since the awesome Eddie Munson (joseph quinn) passed away sacrificing himself to save Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). True revelation of this season 4, Eddie immediately conquered the public.

Of all Hawkins’ deaths, and there are quite a few, Eddie’s seems the hardest for fans to take. Even if in such inevitable situations such as death, you have to make up your mind, all may not be over for Eddie… His story resonates so strongly with certain aspects of Dungeons & Dragons lore that it does not can be ignored.

We can therefore imagine different options for our favorite metalhead to make a comeback. According to countless tweets, fan theories and a petition change.orgthere is still an ounce of hope for the Master of the Hellfire Club.

With Vecna/One/Henry seriously injured – he was set on fire and taken three point-blank shotgun blasts by Nancy, Steve and Robin – it’s entirely possible Eddie’s corpse could be used. as a substitute or as a tool to torture Hawkins’ heroes. The idea is a little creepy but possible in the event that Vecna ​​would not be able to recover from his injuries on his own.

Since Season 1, Stranger Things has darkened and is clearly leaning towards a more tragic tone. This can be attributed to the characters growing and therefore maturing. The Duffer brothers didn’t spare Dustin writing this heartbreaking scene where he holds in his arms the body of his friend and his mentor in Dungeons and Dragons.

A real debate around the death of the characters in the series Netflix sees two opposing camps: those who want blood and tears and those who want to see everyone get away with it except the bad guys. It is obvious that the Duffer brothers are well aware that they are walking on minefield when it comes to making the delicate decision of whether or not to sacrifice a character. And we could see with Hopper that they didn’t have the heart to get rid of it for good.

A credible comeback

Eddie’s return, especially if it’s to make him a pawn in Vecna’s evil plan, could be a slick — albeit heartbreaking — idea for the fifth and final season. There are several supposed ways this comeback could play out. For starters, it’s clear that Vecna ​​likes to use their emotions against those who oppose him.

When in Max’s mind, Vecna ​​would cause visions of Billy to manipulate her and break down her defense. It’s possible he could do the same thing but with Eddie’s physical body which was left in the Upside Down after his death.

If we refer to Dungeons and Dragons, another possibility is to be explored: he could become the lieutenant of Vecna, a vampire named Kas the Bloody Handed (Kas with the bloody hand, in French). He has been known in-game to turn on himself and attempt to usurp his power.

You may not remember, but this game of Dungeons and Dragons was played at the beginning of Season 4, when the Hellfire Club is playing a game and a character is heard shouting: “Vecna ​​is dead, he was killed by Kas” but Dungeon Master Eddie says: “That’s what we thought, my friends“.

Stranger Things this favorite character back for the finale of

Kas used a shield and a sword as his weapon, and although swords were hard to come by in 1980s Indiana, it didn’t escape anyone that Eddie fought with a makeshift spear – a knife attached to a simple stick – and a shield he made from a trash can lid embellished with nails.

But that’s not all. Kas’ fate in the D&D game is a bit more complicated than that. In his move to defeat Vecna, Kas is thrown across the multiverse and he is later turned into a vampire. And according to mythology, how are vampires made? By bites. And Eddie is bitten to death by bats… so this theory is becoming more and more believable.

Could Eddie be resurrected and become a major piece of the puzzle in defeating Vecna/Henry/One once and for all? His interpreter Joseph Quinn is clearly up for it and tried to find a way to resuscitate the metalhead. “Joe Keery [Steve Harrington, ndlr] and I were discussing ways that I could somehow get back“, he told RadioTimes.

Maybe I’d be like a figment of Dustin’s imagination or something. Like there could be some kind of room for something like that, something a little supernatural.

It’s worth noting that while Eddie’s story is really Kas’s, his destiny isn’t exactly to return to Hawkins with a hero’s welcome and return to a normal life. Ultimately, Kas is destroyed and becomes someone whose power can be channeled through other people… Answers in Season 5.

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