Stranger Things: no, the creators have not modified the previous seasons of the series…

Several Internet users have claimed that the creators of Stranger Things have secretly modified a scene from the Netflix series. But the Duffer brothers have totally refuted this accusation.

For several days, a controversy over Stranger Things swollen. Some fans of the Netflix series accuse the creators, Matt and Ross Dufferfor modifying a scene from episode 2 of season 1. This is the moment when Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) searches for clues to Will’s disappearance (Noah Schnapp) in the woods and starts spying on Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery) and his friends in the middle of the evening.

The young man takes photos and witnesses through his lens the physical rapprochement between Nancy and Steve, near the window in the bedroom of the house. He sees Nancy undress and looks away to finally take a picture of Barb (Shannon Purser), who waits alone on the diving board of the swimming pool.

We will learn later in episode 3 that Jonathan actually took a snapshot of Nancy undressing before taking a photo of Barb when Steve rummages through his belongings, calls him a pervert and breaks his camera. And some fans of the show think the Duffer Brothers pulled off the moment Jonathan snaps Nancy taking off her top after all these years.

Translation: “Is it me or did they edit the episode ‘The Barjo of Maple Street’? The episode shows Jonathan taking pictures of Nancy when she’s in Steve’s room and originally it was sees taking this picture. But it looks like it was cut? Am I going crazy?”

The rumor was started on social networks through TikTok and tweets that claim the creators edited this footage years after it was uploaded to Netflix, thinking no one would notice these details. Some fans claim that this modification would have been made to attenuate the “perverse” side of the gesture of Jonathan, who has meanwhile become Nancy’s boyfriend.

No changes in older seasons of Stranger Things

Only here, this controversy has no place since there has been no modification. By reviewing the episode in its original version and comparing it to the one available today on Netflix, we see that the scenes are identical. Internet users with the original Blu-rays also make the same observation.

Translation: “I’m not sure. I have the Blu-ray from 8 years ago [6 ans en réalité, ndlr] and the scenes are identical. If there was a change, it was made at the time and the streaming version was changed late.”

In addition, the Duffer brothers spoke about these accusations and split a tweet to respond to the controversy: “PSA: No scenes from previous seasons have been cut or re-edited. And none ever will.”

If some fans are adamant that a change has been made, it may be because the creators of Stranger Things said they were considering changing Will’s birthday, following an error in season 4. .

As a reminder, in episode 2 of season 4, Will tries to help Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) on the Rink-O-Mania track as a classmate films the young girl to make fun of her. And the camera displays the date of March 22, namely Will’s birthday date (learned in episode 8 of season 2 of the series).

It meant that the characters and creators had totally forgotten about Will’s birthday. And after acknowledging their sad mistake, Matt and Ross Duffer joked during an interview for variety saying they were going to play it George Lucas and edit the season 2 episode to make it look like Joyce (Winona Ryder) states that Will’s birthday is actually May 22.

Stranger things: no, the creators have not modified the previous seasons of the series...

Except that no changes have been made to date, both on the French version of Netflix and on the original American version, according to the statements of some US media. And there were no changes to the scene with Jonathan either. In any case, episode 3 revealed that he had indeed taken a photo of Nancy stripping so his side creepy and disturbing has not really been removed.

Despite the belief of the fans, it seems that they have suffered the Mandela effect, that is to say a false belief or a false memory shared by a number of people around the world. And with the spread on the networks, many fans have been convinced by the rumors and claims of some.

It will be necessary to see how these two elements are going to be treated in the fifth and last season of Stranger Things. Is forgetting Will’s birthday ultimately going to be a storyline spring for the young man to assert himself? And will Jonathan’s past mistakes affect his relationship with Nancy, who grew closer to her ex Steve in Season 4? We will have to wait until at least 2024 to know the answer because the creators will only start writing these final episodes.

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