Stranger Things in Paris: we visited the Netflix series store and you’re going to want…

To celebrate the success of season 4 of “Stranger Things”, a pop-up store is opening its doors on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées throughout the summer. Sets from the series, derivative products… follow the guide!

Pop store entrance

1. Pop-store entrance

© Thomas Desroches

The universe of Stranger Things settles – literally – in France. While volume 2 of season 4 is about to explode the counters of Netflix, an ephemeral store opens its doors on June 24, in Paris, for a large part of the summer.

Located in a strategic location, at 44 avenue des Champs-Élysées, next to the Disney Store, the two-storey boutique offers an interactive experience, capable of accommodating 120 people at a time. “We started work two months agosays Cédric Ross, head of the pop-up store for the platform. It is a 400m² space that pays tribute to the great moments of the series. It affects everyone, from old to new generations, so it was logical to have a crazy address for this event.”

Decors to revisit the series

As soon as they enter, visitors are immersed in the theme of the credits. Red neon lights – similar to the typography of the logo – run through the walls to guide the most curious to the first setting: the Byers’ living room. The garlands of colors illuminate the place which reproduces identically that of the series. It only takes a few seconds to recognize key elements from the different seasons, such as the alphabet painted on the wall (season 1) or the sketches of the Upside Down drawn by Will which cover the room (season 2).

The hits of the eighties that punctuate the visit take the public back 40 years. Alongside the shelves filled with period objects – the details make all the difference – we find derivative products: from the simple cup of coffee to stuffed animals with the effigy of the characters, through t-shirts and key holder. To have fun, one condition: you have to put your hand in the wallet.

An immersive experience

A few meters away, a new decor is revealed, that of the laboratory basements with a model of the reactor. The place illustrates the dark and horrifying side of the series. Rock’n’roll t-shirts, like the Hellfire Club or Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), are available for sale. For the rest, just take a staircase that leads visitors to the Starcourt part, the Hawkins shopping center, the scene of the final confrontation of season 3.

In this part of the store, very colorful, it is possible to find Arcade, the favorite place of Will and his friends in season 2. Video games – like Pac-Man or Space Invaders – work and are open to the public for free. Near the Demogorgon-shaped mannequins, a machine allows you to personalize certain products.

A first in Europe

The disco atmosphere of Rink-o-Mania – the roller skating rink visible in season 4 – is just behind it, with a disco ball and twenty roller skates arranged on a shelf. The return to the eighties is more than assured.

This pop-up store has already won over many fans in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. This is the first time that the store Stranger Things packs his bags in Europe. Netflix has chosen France to try the experiment which promises to be a great success.

To get there, just book a slot on the address of the pop-store This registration allows visitors to have priority access to discover the store. For those who haven’t booked, don’t panic, entry is still possible. It will just take patience.

Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

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