Stranger Things 4: who is Eddie Munson in real life?

Season 4 of Stranger Things brought its share of new characters, but one in particular quickly made a name for itself in the hearts of fans. It’s Eddie Munson, the metalhead fan of Dungeons & Dragons. Focus on its interpreter.

Impossible not to notice Eddie Munson from his first scenes in Stranger Things. “This year is my year. I feel it“, announces Eddie in the first episode of season 4. He did not believe so well to say. It is not known if he will make it to the end of this season in one piece, but for the actor, the affirmation rings true. just.

It takes talent to bring an ultra-popular series into the fourth season and become a fan favorite almost instantly. This season of Stranger Things has set records on Netflix, even breaking Bridgerton. And as Eddie Munson, a charismatic but vulnerable boy, joseph quinn, caused a stir. The actor only joined Instagram last May and already has more than 1.6 million followers.

An amazing character

His character is the long, fluffy-haired metalhead who runs the Hellfire Club, Hawkins High School’s Dungeons & Dragons club, does some side business in the drug trade, and plays in a band called Corroded Coffin ( Coffin Corroded, in French).

Stranger things 4: who is eddie munson in real life?

The outspoken, rebellious attitude, he is the perfect high school rebel who has repeated his classes almost out of defiance but who is immediately endearing. He soon finds himself at the center of the action by becoming the main suspect of the gruesome murder of chrissy. Accused of Satanic worship, Munson becomes the most wanted man in town.

Under this long hair, the 29-year-old British actor does not necessarily defend the look of his character. “Objectively, my wig is ridiculous” he said in an interview with the British daily The Guardian.

Instant Success

From his first scene, Joseph Quinn steals the show from his playing partners, Gaten Matarazzo (Dustine) and Finn Wolfhard (Mike). He jumps on the school cafeteria table, dances, sticks his tongue out, flips the finger and throws food in the faces of the students around. Here’s how to make a grand entrance.

Stranger things 4: who is eddie munson in real life?

Joseph Quinn with Gaten Matarazzo and Finn Wolfhard

It was so weird“, he laughs at the Guardian. “I auditioned while making a recording of this speech, but it was one of the last scenes I shot. So I waited from November 2019 to June 2021.

Stranger Things 4: The Eddie Munson Story Is True…and It’s Tragic!

Born in south London, Quinn was until now best known for his roles in period dramas across the Channel. We could see it in the series Dickensian, Howards End and Wretched with notably Lily Collins and Olivia Colman. He played the son of the Empress of Russia, in Catherine the Great, with Helen Mirren in the title role. And has also proven itself in the theater.

A hard worker

To blend into his role and truly find the soul of the character, Joseph Quinn spared no effort. “I listened to a lot of heavy metal – Black Sabbath, Metallica… – and worked with a brilliant vocal coach called Mary Howland. But 99.7% of the work is this wig” he said, modestly. The vocal coach was to find the American accent, essential for this pure Londoner.

He also looked at the tragic story of Damien Echols who served as inspiration for Eddie. “I did a little research, but I’m not going to claim that I did a lot. I tried to struggle with Dungeons & Dragons, but ended up accepting that I couldn’t. Music has been my main conduit.

Stranger things 4: who is eddie munson in real life?

And while Joseph Quinn takes his job seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously: “It’s hard to take yourself seriously with a three-tonne wig on your head. Anthony Hopkins, who is one of my heroes, was asked one day why he chose acting to earn a living. He replied: ‘It’s better than work’

And to continue to develop his reasoning: “It’s an exciting job and, without wanting to sound like a ridiculous greeting card, it’s kind of what I want out of life: an adventure.

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