Stranger Things 4 on Netflix: the end of the season explained

With two episodes, the creators of “Stranger Things” put an end to season 4 in style. Back to the end of this fourth part which raises many questions for the future.

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Warning, spoilers! The following article reveals important elements of season 4 of “Stranger Things”.

While season 4 of Stranger Things exceeds the symbolic billion hours of viewing, fans are already thinking of season 5. It must be said that the ninth episode, Infiltration, offers an explosive finale with many twists and turns. A finale that sounds a bit like an end to the series. However, the band of Hawkins is not at the end of its sorrows and the last sequence implies many things for the future of the characters.

After killing Max (Sadie Sink) to open the fourth portal, Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) is eventually overpowered by Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). The heroine scares the monster away and brings her friend back to life – or almost – thanks to her powers. Two days later, El and the group return to Hawkins in Argyle’s van (Eduardo Franco). Many residents are leaving the city.

On the television news, the drama turns into “earthquake of magnitude 7.4”. The disaster is said to have left 22 dead and more than a hundred people hospitalized or missing. Eddie (joseph quinn) is held responsible for the deaths of high school students. The presenter speaks of the events as a curse that would have struck the place, explaining that the murders opened a passage to hell.

Where is Max?

Hawkins’ best friends visit Max in the hospital. Vecna’s victim, blind and severely injured, is plunged into a coma. When Eleven tries to find her in the Mind Lair, she sees only nothingness. Max’s absence only confirms his brain death.

One thing is certain: Billy’s sister will be present in season 5, but will she be able to be saved? According to one of the possible theories, if Vecna ​​is defeated or if the portal to the Upside Down manages to be closed again, Max could return to life.

The Upside Down at Hawkins

The teenagers reunite with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbor) near the old sheriff’s cabin, but the joyous reunion is short-lived. Will (Noah Schnapp) feels a presence again. The sky darkens and particles, similar to snow, escape from the clouds.

The whole gang comes out of the forest and heads for a hill. The view is chaotic. Cracks cover the territory, letting out large black smoke and the red light of the Upside Down. The particles land on plants and destroy everything in their path. Eleven sees it for herself: the flowers are almost reduced to ashes.

This drama involves new obstacles for the inhabitants of Hawkins: fields wiped off the map and therefore the impossibility for them to harvest crops for food. Their entire ecosystem is disappearing. One of the challenges of season 5 will be to explain how the survivors will proceed to live, unless Hawkins becomes a ghost town.

Stranger things 4 on netflix: the end of the season explained

The Upside Down in Hawkins.

The landscape resembles a scene of war and the dreaded threat has arrived: the parallel universe arrives in the real world. We can therefore already imagine the Demogordons and the Demobats landing in the streets of the city, enough to transform the daily life of the citizens into a real nightmare. What if the Upside Down didn’t stop at Hawkins and invade other US states?

For concrete answers, we will have to wait for season 5, which should not arrive until 2024. In a recent interview, the creators of the series said that the writing of this final chapter will begin in the first week of August.

Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

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