Stranger Things 4: 5 questions we ask ourselves after part 1

Available since Friday on Netflix, the first 7 episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things play a decisive role in the mythology of the series. In the meantime, episodes 8 and 9, here are the 5 questions that the sequel will have to answer.

Warning, SPOILERS! This article details major plot elements of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1. If you haven’t seen all seven episodes and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on!

Season 4 of Stranger Things is finally here. After three years of waiting, fans of the Netflix hit can finally return to the world of Hawkins (and his mirror world, the deadly Upside Down) to seven long episodes.

Things have changed since their absence. For starters, Joyce, Will, Jonathan and Eleven no longer live in Hawkins, and have started a new life in California. Former police chief Jim Hopper is alive and well but imprisoned in Russia. And now a new threat seeks to strike fear into the hearts of the people of Hawkins. It’s Vecna, the new monster from the Upside Down.

If you’ve already binged all seven episodes of Part 1, you already know all of this, and the adventures of Eleven, Dustin Mike and the rest will resume in a month’s time as Stranger Things Season 4 is split into two parts. See you on 1er July for part 2. And here you are now with a lot of burning questions after part 1, because, yes, a lot of things happened there. We take stock.

Will Hopper, Joyce and Murray manage to get out of Russian prison?

Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) spent the majority of Season 4 trying to save Jim Hopper (David Harbor) from a secret prison in Russia. To do this, they got as close as possible to Russian territory by going first to Alaska. They encountered quite a few obstacles along the way, but in the end, thanks to their determination (and Murray’s surprisingly impressive fighting skills), they found the Russian prison and even saved Hopper from the Demogorgon.

Now that Joyce and Hopper are finally reunited, will the two be able to escape from prison with Murray and Dmitri, Hopper’s former prison guard? Will Joyce and Hopper Return to Hawkins in Season 4 Part 2?

Stranger things 4: 5 questions we ask ourselves after part 1

Hopper and Dmitry

Will Nancy and Steve get back together?

One of the most unexpected storylines in Part 1 is the flashback between Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). First presented as a “bad boy” but who corrected his ways, Steve and Nancy’s relationship had its ups and downs and then Steve finally accepted that Nancy start a relationship with Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). And he’s been trying to move on ever since. Without success.

However, this season it has become clear that there is real chemistry between the two. Is this just a little flashback when Nancy questions her relationship with Jonathan, or is it a real turnaround? While they are still stuck in the Upside Down, will this romance be rekindled by this new ordeal?

Will Nancy or Steve die in the Upside Down?

Precisely, since they are stuck in the Upside Down, there are worrying questions about their future in the series. While Steve escaped a horrible death, that of being eaten alive by bats, Nancy is now under the influence of Vecna.

Will Steve be able to bring Nancy back before Vecna ​​kills her? Will he find himself hunted again by demonic creatures from the Upside Down? And what about his wounds inflicted on him by the bats?

Stranger things 4: 5 questions we ask ourselves after part 1

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)

Will Eleven really get her powers back?

Ever since Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) lost her powers at the end of Season 3, fans are wondering if and how she can get them back. Well, it seems at the end of Part 1 that Eleven is not only well on her way to being a “superheroine” again as she puts it at one point, but also to becoming even more powerful than she was. ‘was already.

With Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) returned from the dead and seemingly willing to help her regain her full strength (and then some), Eleven has this time agreed to participate in the experiments she once underwent in order to reconnect with her past – and , by extension, regaining one’s powers.

Now that Eleven has figured out how she reached her full potential in the first place (and who the main threat is), she seems to be well on her way to regaining her abilities. With the military hot on her trail, her powers return just in time. Can she stop them, prove her innocence, and find her way back to Hawkins to save her friends?

Can Eleven defeat Vecna?

The seventh episode of season 4 ends with a shocking revelation: Vecna ​​is not from the Upside Down. No, it was Number One (and the son of Victor Creel): a young man endowed with powers but drunk with revenge, disguised as a nurse from Hawkins’ laboratory who wants to remake the world by destroying it. However, Eleven ended her plans in 1979 when she unleashed her powers and sent him to the Upside Down. This is the first time that a portal to the other dimension has been opened.

If with her powers, Eleven is able to open portals to the Upside Down, then so can Vecna. We have been able to realize this since each murder committed by Vecna ​​opens a new portal. And if he is a loyal soldier of the Mind Flayer, it is clear that the only way to stop him will be to exterminate him. And we now know that there may only be one person capable of doing it: Eleven, especially if she increases her powers.

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